Just a few months ago Electroneum grabbed the attention of the crypto community with an introduction of M1, a blockchain-powered cellphone. And today it reached another milestone by obtaining 95% coverage of the Brazilian cellphone market.

In a new tweet, Electroneum announced that it concluded a truly stunning deal with the Brazilian mobile operators. The latter possess 95% of the customer network, meaning that they cover an audience of about 140 million people. To specify, Electroneum secured a deal with Claro, Vivo, Tim, and Oi. Now thousands of users can top up their airtime and data with ETN. All they have to do is download ETN’s app.

The community’s reaction was extremely positive. Various users replied “Well done,” “yes yes yes” and even “well done guys, the next stop is the rest of the world.”

What is so special about Electroneum?

Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency to break the norm. Its mining and support can be managed from al types of mobile devices. And they are spreading dynamically to the furthest corners of the globe. Richard Ells, the founder of the service, has proved his theory. He believes that capitalization does not matter, the main thing is the number of users. The unique advantage of ETN is its concept of combining the cryptosystem with a banking economy. And the developers decided to promote their project. Especially in countries where many people still do not have immediate access to banking. As an alternative, a smartphone may help them send and receive cryptocurrency. So, this approach may greatly improve the lives of millions.

Richard Ells with his team did a great breakthrough in the largest country of Latin America. Its population reaches 212 million people.  So far, all ETN application users can benefit from contributing $3 monthly for app’s activities. Let’s see how it goes.


  1. Yeah, the agreement is with a third party, but still does not negate the fact that etn can now be used for mobile top-ups and data across the major 4 networks in Latin America’s most populous country! Also, the M1 is powered enough to be used to complete simple gig tasks by even a newbie in Africa when the gig fair commences.


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