Coinbase has now listed another asset on their platform with the announcement of the listing of Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Coinbase Pro. BAT joins Ethereum Classic (ETC), ZRX (0X), and USD Coin (USDC) to be new assets listed on either Coinbase or Coinbase Pro this year.

According to their Medium post, the listing process goes through 4 stages, transfer only, post only, limit only, and full trading. Once sufficient liquidity is established, trading on BAT/USDC order books will start. Beginning at 1 PM on Friday, November 2nd, customers can transfer BAT to their Coinbase Pro account (transfer only). Customers will then be able to post limit orders but there will be no matches or completed orders (post only). Next limit orders will start matching but customers will be unable to submit market orders (limit only). In the final step, full trading services will become available, including both limit and stop orders (full trading).

Before the announcement, BAT was trading around $.26, after the announcement, it rose up as high as about $.31. This news piggybacks news that Coinbase plans to list hundreds or thousands of assets in the future.
On a side note, in his article on October 30th, Luc Lammers correctly predicted BAT to be the next asset listed on the Coinbase platform.


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