Electroneum just took one giant leap for crypto and blockchain adoption. The CEO of Electroneum, Richard Ells, just released their very own M1 cellphone that’s powered by blockchain technology. It will help users earn cryptocurrency through its mobile mining app.

Electroneum recently announced, at the MWC 2019 event in Barcelona, their very own cellphone called the M1. The M1 is a blockchain powered mobile phone that will help its users earn ETN through the mobile mining app. It has a very low price tag of just $80 USD and its targeted towards the developing world or as Richard Ells the CEO of Electroneum says “the world of the unbanked.” This device is the epitome of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. Electroneum has taken a step forward for the entire community by providing a device that will help many communicate, and it allows users to easily earn cryptocurrencies.

The MW1 comes with 4G and dual sim capabilities at an inexpensive price tag. The ETN app is easy to use and the ability to start mining is a smooth process, an added bonus is earning with offline mining as well. This is all thanks to the cloud mining ability of the new M1 cellphone. Inside the device is 8 gigabytes of free storage for all your pictures, videos, and apps. The M1 will have several years of warranty and spare parts for repairs, making it the device for the people of the unbanked world.

For the first time ever, people will be able to buy airtime and data for the M1 using cryptocurrency. This is all thanks to their partnership with a company named “The Unlimited” which has given the ETN app the ability to allow users to “Top Up” data and airtime. Entrepreneurs in the developing world will be able to accept ETN at their own little shops as well. Thus creating another source of income for people in the developing world.

Electroneum is a perfect example of a team that has continued to build through the longest bear market in crypto history. Their M1 cellphone has passed rigorous GSMA approval and Google GMS certified qualifications thus increasing the credibility of ETN and the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.


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