Energi – What next for the NRG community?

With the huge Energi airdrop period now over, what can NRG token holders look forward to next? We take a look!

The EarnDrop Completion:
With the Energi round 2, 3 and 4 rewards having been all distributed, every Valid KYC-Passed entry received the full max of 100 NRG. The entries also received legitimate referral bonuses. And this was regardless of the number of social tasks completed! This has helped Energi grow a supportive and engaged community. Helping it keep up even through the tough 2019 bear market.

Energi’s Defence department – which we have spoken about in our past overview of Energi ket on forging ahead. Funded by the treasury, EDD deployed a suite of techniques to help filter down nearly 60,000 applicants. And it used a combination of network analysis and specialized tools. This was done to ensure the rewards went to deserving Energi community participants.
You can learn more about the NRG Earndrop here.
What can NRG holders look forward to now?
NRG Staking:
NRG holders can participate in staking with as little as 1 NRG or run a masternode with 10,000 NRG needed. Staking is very simple to set up with the Energi Core wallet! You just need to click settings and then Start Staking.
The current Staking ROI currently around 13%. And the Masternode ROI around 56%  which in comparison to the industry standards is excellent.
You can learn more about how to stake here.
Energi 3.0 Coin Migration:
The Energi 3.0 Coin Migration is aiming to be released by the end of February. The Energi Gen 3 platform will include all of Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities. Additionally, it will incorporate Energie’s strong masternode structure. That comes with a self-funding treasury and decentralized governance models.
It will allow existing and new ERC20 Tokens to be stored on Energi. Also will incorporate existing and newly developed dApps”. Existing dApps will be able to migrate over to the Energi ecosystem. By doing so they will benefit from Energi Defense (cybersecurity), the incubator, and other expanding services.
Learn more and understand the potential of the new platform here.
Energi Incubator Program:
With the launch of Energi Gen 3, the project will initiate the Energi Incubator Program. This particularly focuses on advancing early-stage blockchain projects development on the Energi platform.
Keep an eye out for more updates as Altcoin Buzz continues to track their exciting journey!

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  1. Heya Altcoin Buzz Peeps,

    Nice update on what Energi’s been working on. I was always most excited about Energi X but now that they have this Energi Incubator Program coming soon…

    Can’t wait to see what future projects will be launched on Energi GEN 3!


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