Cartesi Rebrands to The Blockchain OS

Cartesi is rebranding into The Blockchain OS. Everything got a new make-over. From their logo, to photos, visual, the brand line, and videos. The Blockchain OS will be an inclusive platform. However, how can you change a brand? The foundation is complex technology and geared at tech insiders. Now they are looking to be open and accessible for everyone.

That is quite a challenge. Cartesi is doing this step by step. First, they created The Blockchain OS, Now they are actively spreading the word. Their main goal is to create long-lasting value for their CTSI token. So, let’s have a look at how they are doing this. 

The Blockchain OS

Source: Cartesi blog

Spreading the Word at Worldwide Conferences

Cartesi is bringing The Blockchain OS to everybody’s attention. One way of doing this is by visiting conferences all over the world. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. So, some of their team hit the road. They visited the following crypto-related conferences.

Ethereum Rio 2022 to Target South America

This was Brazil’s first Ethereum event. This conference was in mid-March 2022. On top of that, a great opportunity to target some more South American audiences. However, Cartesi took it even a step further and was a founding sponsor. This resulted in Cartesi having a higher profile and their own booth. Thus, having a better chance to promote The Blockchain OS.

As a result, they could show the local community how to use The Blockchain OS. One of their focus points was on a workshop showing how developers can build cooler games on Python.

This focused on coding on Linux. For example, it includes major languages combined with blockchain technology. At the end of the conference, there was time for a meetup and socializing event set up by Cartesi.

Ethereum Dubai 2022 to Target the Middle East

Immediately after Rio, The Blockchain OS team took off to Dubai. This conference took place towards the end of March. Once more, the team had a booth to raise their profile. This turned out to be a successful move since many people stopped by. Just as in Rio, this was the first-ever Ethereum conference in the United Arab Emirates or UAE. For instance, all things Ethereum, DeFi, or games and NFTs were on the agenda.

The Blockchain OS hosted two workshops during ETH Dubai 2022. One workshop was like the Rio workshop about building dApps in The Blockchain OS. However, a new workshop was about building dApps using Machine Learning.

The Blockchain OS joined a panel that discussed layer 2 and sidechains. For example, the future of rollups was a center point during this panel. Among others, Optimism and Syscoin joined this panel.

Soon, the CTSI token will integrate with Ledger Live. This resulted in interesting chats with people from Ledger and others. The team recorded the meetings, and they will share them shortly.

Paris NFT Day 2022 to Target Europe

This conference was on April 12, 2022, in the French capital. It is part of the larger Paris Blockchain Week Summit. The main discussion point is the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. However, making the importance clear of NFTs during this shift. 

CEO Erick de Moura had a keynote on the main stage. On the other hand, Gabriel Coutinho, their software engineer, took part in a panel. He discussed how NFTs can bridge across layers.

In this whirlwind of conferences, it is also good to point out that Cartesi was at the March SXSW in Austin, Texas. They took part in ‘The Rise of Headless Brands’ panel.

What Will the Future Bring for The Blockchain OS?

The future will see cooperation with IoTex. This is a layer 1 blockchain that launched in 2017. They provide trusted data from sensors. For example, device identity and oracles. The identity makes sure that the device sending data to the blockchain is trustworthy. The oracle makes sure that the blockchain understands the data. IoTex has the technology. On the other hand, The Blockchain OS can bring in various programming languages.

This is about developing Web 3.0 where The Blockchain OS has the power to calculate complicated equations. Scalability also plays an important role. The video below features Milton, Core Developer at Cartesi. He speaks with Larry, Chief Business Officer at IoTeX. They talk about the IOTT or internet of trusted things.


Cartesi has rebranded to The Blockchain OS. To get this word out, they have a busy schedule and roadmap. Part of their efforts include various crypto conferences. We highlighted some of them in this article. Furthermore, we looked at what the future will bring, and it looks promising and exciting. Scalability and the IOTT are part of this. As a result, this will create long-term value for their CTSI token.

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