HODLpac Crypto-Friendly US Congress Candidates

Since its inception, the blockchain space has faced a lot of criticism from regulators including the U.S. That’s why the HODLpac Endorsement Committee is out to facilitate a more crypto-friendly ecosystem in the United States.

To achieve this, HODLpac has created a Political Action Committee (PAC). It will provide support for crypto-friendly candidates in the upcoming US general elections. Therefore, in this article, you will discover more about the importance of a Political Action Committee (PAC).

HODLpac And 2022 US General Elections

The United States 2022 midterm elections are around the corner. Providing a perfect opportunity for the crypto space to gain more space. In line with this, community-governed HODLpac has launched an Endorsement Committee. The committee is poised to offer support to crypto-friendly candidates.

Therefore, positioning the crypto space will support endorsed candidates. This is possible with funds and votes during the election. Also, this is a sure-fire way to incentivize support among regulators.

US General Elections – A Chance For Crypto Space to Scale.

From the war crisis in Ukraine, inflation, and the recent Senate banking hearing. Cryptos have managed to remain a fixed part of most global news. Therefore, POTUS has directed 24 government agencies to regulate digital currencies.

Therefore, several electoral candidates have also included crypto policies in their campaign promises. As a result, HODLpac will keep track of and also offer support to these candidates. In other words, the pHODLpac platform will serve as an alliance to support crypto-enthusiastic candidates for Congress.

Using their expertise, they are expected to make initial choices. It is, however, important to note that these members do not make any donations. Governance token holders can include an official decision.

HODLpac Committee

HODLpac’s seven-member endorsement committee for the upcoming US general elections includes:

  • The executive director of The Blockchain Association, Kristin Smith.
  • CEO of Messari, Ryan Selkis.
  • General Counsel at Wicklow Capital, John McCarthy.
  • Julian Fletcher-Taylor from HODLpac.
  • Tyler Whirty, also from HODLpac.
  • Dennis Porter, Bitcoin policy advocate, and podcast host.
  • Lastly, David Zell, policy head at BTC Inc. He is also the founder of the Bitcoin Policy Institute.

Also, the seven-member team will make use of data from the recently launched website. Their decision will come from their personal experience in politics. Also, the data were gotten from the website which boasts of several features:

  • A complete list of 2022 candidates.
  • An initial group of candidates on a 0-5 star rating scale
  • Specialized data, for example, election pages for all upcoming elections, etc.

Interestingly, its decisions will be ready on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022.


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