John McAfee wrote in a tweet that his new app, John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play, allows users to earn Satoshis if they give the right answers to the questions in the app.

McAfee explained that the software includes a family-friendly option. It also has an option for users over 18 years old, where users will hear him using swear words due to slow thinking or not knowing the right answer.


Satoshi for correct answers

Bitcoin Play, gives users the opportunity to get some Satoshis sent to their wallets when they answer correctly.

The questions are usually with multiple choices, they also test individuals familiarity with sports, history and their general knowledge level. Satoshis are the tiniest units of Bitcoin that are available on the blockchain network.

The app developers confirmed that Bitcoin Play has a great number of questions, covering various spheres. Also, new questions are added every time the app is updated.


McAfee cursing in the app

Those above 18 years old can choose an adult version of the app. Thus, they will hear comments added in McAfee’s charismatic voice. Cursing will occur frequently for those who fail to answer correctly or simply answer too slow.

The amount of Satoshis paid out to users increases as they get more answers correct. But, the questions also get more difficult. Also, users only have 10 seconds to reply to each question.

There are also lifelines, similar to the popular “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” show. This enables them to skip a question, drop two wrong options out of four to make their options easier or get more time to answer a question.

This sounds like a lot of fun!


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