kucoin launches kucloud

World-renowned cryptocurrency platform KuCoin has announced the launch of its cloud platform.

It made this announcement via an official blog post. The platform has been called a one-stop-shop cryptocurrency solution platform.

KuCloud will reportedly facilitate the building and launching of either a futures trading platform or a personal crypto spot while making use of the KuCoin infrastructure.

So developers looking to design a cryptocurrency exchange need not look any further.

Features of KuCloud

KuCloud prides itself on several important features:

First is its security – It currently boasts of a 1000-day operation with no incident due to a highly-effective risk-management technique.

Timely deployment – Only 72 hours needed to launch the new exchange

Large market – available from KuCoin and KuMEX

Top-notch design – KuCloud platform boasts of high-quality architecture, scalability, API interface support, low-latency.

Market volatility Р under control with both back-end data and instant alert

Professional support – 24/7 devoted customer service, back-end data statistics, and user behavior analysis

Spot-Futures Interconnection: In-Depth interaction with both spot and futures platforms

Currently, KuCoin is on the hunt of like-minded partners to further build a much stronger blockchain ecosystem. Not just the ecosystem but also a more assorted trading platform, and a more refined financial service platform.

In celebration of the launch, KuCloud is offering first comers to the platform a zero service fee to launch a crypto exchange. Inadvertently saving operators the cost of research and development and the time needed to launch a fully functional exchange.

About KuCloud Services

Known as an advanced solution offered by KuCoin Group. KuCloud makes use of KuCoin’s well-developed R&D capacity. While ensuring partners enjoy top-notch, scalable, secure, and high-liquidity crypto spot and futures exchange technology.

It provides advanced technology solutions and enables the instant launch of spot and derivatives trading platforms. KuCloud is starting out on a promising note, with its top-notch white-label solution alongside liquidity with very little input from the client. Alongside very low deposit fees.

Many exchanges have recently shown interest in the crypto cloud space. With Binance leading the way with the launch of its cloud platform in February 2020.

KuCoin also recently partners with simplex to enable users to purchase crypto with AUD directly.


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