John McAfee, the well-known crypto entrepreneur, has recently launched a brand new decentralized exchange. And is already facing the consequences that were predictable all along. At least according to McAfee himself.

Let’s not beat around the bush. McAfee has launched a new product, the DEX exchange, and it has already suffered DDOS attacks. However, the crypto celebrity is everything but surprised. In a tweet, he admitted the interferences, calling them “humorous.”

In his usual manner, he sarcastically emphasized that this type of attention flatters him. He reiterated this belief in a reply to Specifically, he agreed that hatred is caused by three factors: someone seeing you as a threat, self-loathing and the desire to be “you.” In this case, John McAfee, obviously.

Governments know exactly what they should be doing to themselves

McAfee’s anti-centralization bravado act has only just begun. His most recent tweets prove it. Thus, he tweeted that “we are ready for installation of the portals. Each portal is identical to the DEX. You get 0.05% of transactions coming through your portal.” According to McAfee, you need a domain and $395. The ability to promote your own portal is also necessary.

However, McAfee did not stop there. Apparently, he heard it through the grapevine that the Security and Exchange Commission is ok with his new product. But only if he uses AML and KYC. Guess what? McAfee is not planning on doing that. He also posed a rhetorical question “why should we even if we could?”

“We are just a window into the blockchain where people trade. This is for the people, not the Government,” he added.

So what should the Government do to themselves? Take a not-so-wild guess.

It is noteworthy that some users asked McAfee about the consequences of introducing an exchange with no AMLs. After all, malign actors do use cryptocurrencies for illicit purposes, including money laundering. However, McAfee dismissed these concerns, saying that money laundering only hurts the Fed.

Curiously, McAfee’s attitude toward Bakkt, which is a regulated platform, is overall positive. Before its launch, he did not lambast it like the Government.

What do you think about DEX? Is it good or bad? Let us know.

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