Privacy! This is going to be an important factor in blockchain technology. I’ve mentioned this already many times across our videos. So, Aleph Zero is setting itself up to become an important player in this field. It is a Layer 1 blockchain. It’s also a crypto gem!

In other words, Aleph Zero provides the infrastructure, so other crypto gem can build on top of it. I have been covering Aleph Zero a lot recently. Check this video from 2 weeks ago.

What is Aleph Zero?

To promote privacy, Aleph offers a public blockchain, but with private smart contracts. As a result, Aleph Zero offers good use cases for real life businesses. This includes fast transactions, for example a 100,000 TPS. It uses state-of-the-art tools for devs. Furthermore, you can plan your costs for chain usage.

The Liminal privacy layer makes all this possible. It integrates zk technology and a 2nd popular privacy technology. Late March 2023, these smart contracts went live. At last, the Aleph Zero ecosystem came to life. So, let’s see who the new players are.

#1: Mainnet 10.0 on Aleph Zero

Until late March, you could stake your AZERO coins on Aleph Zero mainnet. The devs were building their dapps on the testnet. This changed with the upgrade to mainnet 10.0. Now the Ink! 4.0-based smart contracts come to life. There’s also an Ecosystem Funding Program, to attract new projects and devs.

This allowed some 20+ projects to launch on the mainnet. This includes projects in a variety of sectors. For example, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Explorers, Privacy, Wallet, and identity management and more.

In general, though, a word of advice and common sense. These are all new projects. Be aware of potential scams or, in the case of NFTs, rug pulls. It is not unheard of with new main nets. Don’t be too eager and always DYOR! So, let’s take a look at some of these projects.

#2 DeFi

There is quite a lot of interest in DeFi on Aleph Zero. These are mostly DEXes, but there are also lending protocols. Most of these projects will have their own token in due time. A potential great crypto gem opportunity. They are not all live yet, though:

  • Common – A multi chain DEX that is not live yet. They will be on Near, Solana, Kusama, and Ethereum. This is a project by the Aleph Zero team.
  • AndromedaSwap – An AAM DEX that is already live.
  • ZStake – Staking, liquidity pools, and a casino. Live since 7th April. They have their own ZSTAKE token.
  • PanoramaSwap – A swap with liquidity pools and soon to be multi chain. Astar Network and Shibuya Network will join soon.
  • Ink Whale – Earn fixed interest on tokens or NFTs on the Aleph Zero network.
  • Abax – A lending/borrowing protocol. Soon to go live.
  • Sidekick Finance – With JumpStart, they created a way to crowd-fund your project with NFTs. It’s a cross chain platform. Have your campaign up and running in mere minutes.
  • Synthr – Omni chain synthetics. Will be available on 8 chains. Among others, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Aptos, and Sui. 

If you’re already into DeFi, will you use Aleph Zero DeFi projects? Are you looking forward to another crypto gem? Now, let’s have a look at NFTs.

#3 NFTs

There are a few NFT collections and launchpads. Some are already live. For example:

  • ArtZero – An NFT marketplace and launchpad. For instance, Azero Punks and BitFunks launched here. They also have their own NFT, PMP or Praying Mantis Predator. This NFT generates passive income.
  • Azero Punks – The first NFT collection that dropped on Aleph Zero. It has a size of 10,000 collectibles. Currently, 40% already minted. 
  • BitFunks – This collection has 3,333 pixel art collectibles. The BitFunks have a doxed team.

So, this brings us to one of the pillars of Aleph Zero, privacy.

#4 Privacy

Liminal is Aleph Zero’s native multichain privacy layer. It works with zero knowledge technology and Secure Multiparty Computation (sMPC). With zk technology, you can prove something without revealing important information. sMPC keeps sensitive information spread over many nodes instead of only in one place. This means no one can reveal your sensitive data because they don’t have it. Only a part of it. In other words, a single computer can’t access this information.

There will also be bridges with Cosmos, Kusama, Near, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. This year will see Liminal 1.0. A full version, Liminal 2.0, will follow in due time. So, with Syncra you can create privacy enhanced DAOs. It offers a no code solution. As a result, you can set your DAO up within minutes. The Liminal privacy layer plays a big role in this.

#5 Explorers

Explorers play a significant role in blockchains. They show you the immutable on-chain data. Looking for new blocks, your transactions, staking information? It’s all available on the explorers. Currently, there’s one dedicated explorer, Subscan

There’s also Azero Live. This is a validator that offers all kinds of staking related information. For example:

  • Alerts for validators.
  • Changes in commissions.
  • Top gainers, and more.

To be clear, Azero live is not a block explorer where you can search for transaction info. But it offers excellent network information that you can use.

And now, let me take somewhere dark! The Aleph Zero metaverse.

#6 Metaverse

That’s DRKVRS. No candy-colored theme metaverse approach. This is beautifully gloomy. If you’re an outcast and don’t fit anywhere else, this is for you. Welcome to the dark side of the metaverse! It’s a work in progress but promises to be something entirely different.

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