Serenity Shield ($SERSH) is working hard. They are making moves to ensure the project and their native $SERSH token stay on track. The $SERSH token is seeing some good traction again. Over the last week, there were some interesting news updates for Serenity Shield. 

So, let’s take a closer look at what’s happening at Serenity Shield.

What Is Serenity Shield?

Serenity Shield is active in the field of digital private data storage. Of course, in a decentralized set-up. Their flagship data storage feature is the StrongBox option. It’s like a decentralized, Web3 version of Dropbox.

With that in mind, Serenity Shield covers various high, in demand verticals. For example,

  • DePIN
  • RWA
  • Blockchain technology
  • Data storage
  • Data privacy
  • Crypto inheritance
  • Web3
  • NFTs

With StrongBox, you are in control of your data. That’s especially important if these are private data. It also offers a crypto inheritance option. With this feature, designated people can access your stored seed phrases and passwords. 

StrongBox also offers military-grade encryption. So, your confidential data is always safe and secure. At the same time, you can access it anytime you need to. As a result, your data are always under your control. You also keep ownership of your data. Web3 allows you all these options.

Serenity Shield

Source: Serenity Shield website

Serenity Shield ($SERSH) Supported on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet now supports Serenity Shield, and its $SERSH token. This gives a boost to the project’s worldwide visibility. Trust Wallet is one of the leading global crypto wallets. It supports well over 10 million assets on over 70 different blockchains. It’s available in three formats as a free download. On your mobile for iOS and Android, but also as a desktop browser.

This is a bullish moment for the platform. Being added by Trust Wallet shows recognition for the team’s commitment to excellence. It’s also a wallet that accommodates Binance US users. Binance owns this wallet and markets it well. So, it has plenty of users. As a result, interoperability between Trust Wallet and the Binance platforms is easy. 

However, Trust Wallet does not offer two-factor authentication. It doesn’t support an authenticator app. Nonetheless, Trust Wallet ranked as the third most downloaded wallet in August 2023. At that moment, it had 10.4 million downloads. See the picture below.

Serenity Shield

Source: CoinGecko

The Serenity Shield Staking Pools Are Filling Up 

One of the use cases for the $SERSH token is that you can stake it. Currently, Serenity Shield offers 9 staking pools. However, 5 are already full. That’s how popular the staking pools are. There are some 1.5 million $SERSH tokens staked. 

APR in the staking pools ranges from 19% to 92%. To get the latter ROI, you need to stake your $SERSH tokens until 23rd March 2025. All 9 pools have different rewards (APR) and staking periods. The staking periods range from 1 month to 1 year. 

With such an attractive APR, it’s no wonder that the staking pools are so popular. It’s a great way to receive $SERSH tokens as a reward. They also offer flexibility in rewards and duration. As a result, you can find a pool that suits you best. The picture below shows some available $SERSH staking pools.

Serenity Shield

Source: Serenity Shield staking platform

New Listings for the $SERSH token

Currently, the $SERSH token is available on the MEXC and exchanges and on PancakeSwap. However, two new global listings are in the making. Serenity Shield is now available on Bitget, but deposits don’t open for it until tomorrow, the 3rd.

New listings also show a growing trust in the project. The hard work of the team also pays off in this way. It gets easier to buy the $SERSH token and more people will have access to it. It’s also an accelerator for growth and more strategic partnerships. In other words, a win-win situation for all involved. 

Listings on prominent CEXes are also a form of seal of approval. Furthermore, they increase the liquidity of the token. It stabilizes the $SERSH token price when trading on an exchange. There will be less price volatility. Listings on reputable platforms, with high liquidity, also attracts new and more investors. This, in turn, strengthens the growth of the token and its market value. Keep your eyes peeled on the social media outlets for imminent updates.


Currently, there’s a dip in the Bitcoin price trend. However, Serenity Shield and $SERSH keep growing. There’s plenty of positive news coming from their team.

The current $SERSH price is $0.7239. It has a market cap of $3.3 million. There are 100 million tokens in the max and total supply. 4.6 million already circulate.



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