Tectum presents one of the most interesting Bitcoin Layer 2 use cases with its Softnotes. It’s almost like bringing back paper wallets but with the potential anonymity of using physical cash. And recently, Tectum and its $TET token have been busy.

Let’s see what Tectum has been up to.

Bringing Real-World Utility to $TET Token

You know as well as we do that projects say their token is a utility token. As in, for use on their network. And sometimes that’s valuable, but often it’s not. For example, if you have no reason to use their network over another.

So when we see some real-world examples of how we can use a token, we like to point them out.

Pay with $TET to Travel

First, we have blockchain travel site Travala. You can now use $TET to pay for anything on the Travala site. Pretty cool. They even have a contest going on now where you can win one of 3 $300 prizes just for paying with $TET.


Staying in travel, with travel site Travelcare where you can pay with crypto for airline tickets, you can now pay with the $TET token. You get added rewards like 7% off hotel bookings, too.

Increasing Retail Adoption
Then for our Australian friends, the Iron Viking Gym is a new Softnote Merchant. This means they can accept Bitcoin Softnotes as payment for services including subscriptions. This is how retail adoption starts. One by one.

Tectum Ecosystem Improvements

Tectum is also working to improve its ecosystem. First, it’s making it easier to stake. Instead of 100 $TET as the staking requirement, it’s now reduced to 20 $TET. Now more people can stake and hopefully there will be more small stakers across the network. That improves both security and decentralization.

 And lastly, for today, some of the Tectum team has medical research experience. It’s one of the reasons they built out their chain carefully and chose not to enter the hype machine with no real product to market.

The Tectum ecosystem’s 2nd incubation project is QuanMedAI. This project decentralizes medical data and presents a model where you can earn money by selling your data for research purposes. They use AI for one of the best things you can use AI for. Tracking errors and pattern recognition. This is all part of the next wave of medical research and treatment with digital-based medical therapies.

As you can see, the team has been busy. And with each new update, Tectum is working hard to make its products and the $TET token more useful for people.

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