Top 9 Avalanche Coins to Watch in 2024 — Part 1

Avalanche had a remarkable 2023. It steamed straight into the top 10 by market cap. The team built new partnerships, institutions found interest, and it’s a gaming haven.

The chain and the AVAX token keep going full throttle in 2024. That’s why we are looking at 9 top projects on Avalanche, in a 2 part series of articles. So, let’s dive straight into the top projects on Avalanche.

1) Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games is the team that has developed one of the most anticipated games. That’s ‘Off the Grid’. It’s using Unreal Engine 5. In other words, the graphics are spectacular. It’s an AAA game, and you can play this cyberpunk Battle Royale for free. In 2024, this game should become available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

The team managed to raise no less than $60 million. The GUNZ token should launch soon. This may be an airdrop opportunity. You can check it out in our dedicated Avalanche airdrop video. You will need to install their GUNZ wallet as well.

The project has a doxed team and good backers. An exciting few months lay ahead for the Gunzilla Games team and their fans. Keep an eye out for this. Below is a trailer for ‘Off the Grid’.

2) BloodLoop

BloodLoop is a tactical multiplayer Hero-Shooter game. You can choose factions and three different battle styles. These are a Team Death Match, an Energy Way, or a Free for All game. The last one is a solo game. You can create your unique avatar and change it to your liking. All in-game items are NFTs

A $BLS token should launch during Q1, 2024. This token may also see an airdrop. You can qualify for this by entering an early-game version. By answering a few questions, the game finds the right faction for you. Among others, this may whitelist you for their mint. 

There’s a doxed team, and they have a few things up their sleeves. Among others, an NFT marketplace and tokenomics for their token. Another game to keep an eye out for in the Avalanche ecosystem.

3) Levr Bet

Levr Bet is all about sports betting. This is big business, so it’s no wonder that this is entering the blockchain space as well. Levr Bet offers up to 5 x leverage on your betting positions. This will come with an order book-style exchange.

They have a Beta version coming up. Signing up qualifies you for their $LEVR airdrop. We also discussed this in our Avalanche airdrop video. The only thing you need to do is sign up for the Beta. You need your email address and your Avalanche C-Chain wallet address. 

In Beta, it’s the NBA only. However, the mainnet will start with the NLF and NBA. Later followed by MLB, NHL, and CWC. The team released their whitepaper only a few days ago. Another Avalanche option to check out.

4) MetaDOS

With MetaDOS we’re back in the blockchain gaming world. We’re looking at another Battle Royale game. It’s free to play and free to own. One of the things that makes it stand out is its cross-platform feature. 

Joining now is during the early stages. There’s a free mint of 2,222 Genesis Chests. Minting one of these will guarantee you 1 out of 9 Legendary skins. They will have a $20 value. However, you can also mint a Mythic skin if you’re lucky, which is worth $1,000. The game should launch during Q1-2024.

MetaDOS also has a doxed team. The team seems to have a realistic roadmap. For example, they already achieved the Q3 and Q4 goals in 2023. There will be an in-game token. This is for in-game payments. Below is a sneak peek of the MetaDOS game.

5) Gamblino

With Gamblino we have a GameFi protocol on our hands. It’s a decentralized prediction market. For example, you can predict results, in, football, tennis, or basketball. It’s a decentralized and permissionless sportsbook.

It’s in direct competition with Levr, however, Gamblino aims for a more European crowd. The picture below shows the Football bets you can place. Currently available for the German, Spanish, and English leagues. It uses a Tote betting model. So, you bet against other gamblers, instead of the house. However, there are also casino games and a sportsbook. These two will see Gamblino as ‘the house’.

There’s a live version and a beta version available. The beta version allows for testing new features. Besides sports betting and GameFi, Gamblino also offers crypto futures. Below is a picture of their sports betting UI.


Source: Gamblino


This is Part 1 of a 2-part series about top Avalanche projects. We cover 5 projects in this part. Part 2 has another 4 upcoming and promising projects. This article was inspired by this tweet.


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