All the Latest About Aleph Zero

As demand for zero-knowledge technology grows, we could see Azero hitting incredible figures.

As mentioned earlier, there’s been a lot of activity within this ecosystem. Let’s discover them now.


As expected of a thriving ecosystem, Aleph Zero has announced several partnerships over the last couple of weeks:

  1. Azero is partnering with Panjea to bring Web3 closer to the public. Panjea is a content platform that empowers content creators using blockchain technology. The new partnership will bring .azero domains to Panjea.
  2. Aleph Azero is partnering with Lukka to boost transaction security and AML compliance within the Aleph Zero ecosystem. Lukka runs an on-chain monitoring system. So, this partnership will further secure Aleph Azero against fraud.
  3. Azero is live on Alchemy Pay. So, this means users can purchase Azero using their credit cards and other options.


The Aleph Azero Foundation has launched a virtual hackathon, the CTRL+Hack+ZK. The event began on January 10th and runs until January 31st, 2024. CTRL+Hack+ZK invites developers to an intensive hacking experience.

The prizes from the event range from $2K to $20K from the USD 75K pool. There are also up to $500,000 in potential investments from the Ecosystem Funding Program to boost participating projects. The available tracks include:

  • Telco/DePIN
  • Degen/DeFi
  • DID
  • Tooling and infrastructure
  • Gaming

Other Developments

Aleph Zero is also launching an audit competition. The event invites all white hackers to fight for up to $80,000 in prizes. The event runs from January 18th, 2024, to January 29th, 2024, at 15:00 GMT. Aleph Azero launches the MOST bridge.

Aleph Azero recently introduced Most, its bridge to Ethereum. MOST serves as the major gateway to Ethereum. It would support liquidity and stablecoins to be moved to Aleph Zero. It also supports the flow of DeFi on-chain.


The ecosystem activities are a healthy sign. And the ongoing expansion only means more growth in the coming months. The partnership with Alchemy Pay is a heavy plus for Azero. We are watching how this token performs in the coming weeks.

Comparing the 2 privacy holdings, Oasis is in an advanced stage of development compared to Aleph Zero, and the same is reflected in the price.

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