Top 9 Avalanche Projects to Watch in 2024 — Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series about top Avalanche projects. We cover another 4 up-and-coming projects in this article.

Various blockchain verticals are in this article. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s cooking in the Avalanche ecosystem.

1) NATIX Network

With NATIX Network, we move into the DePin (Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network space. This space is on fire. Infrastructure rules the world, to a degree. Blockchain is taking its part of this pie. It’s a growing and most promising vertical in crypto.

NATIX is mapping the world and uses AI for this as well. You can help with this and earn rewards at the same time. This is how:

  • Download the app onto your mobile phone.
  • Install the phone on your dashboard. When driving around, keep the app in active mode.
  • Whilst driving with the active app, you earn points. Redeem the points for products or services, and soon their native NTXT token.

The project assures us that they don’t record any personal data. That’s where the AI comes in, it converts views to numeric data. You can earn points whilst driving or detecting road obstacles or free parking spots. Referrals are another earning option. It has a great extra income potential, for taxi, truck, or delivery drivers.

2) Pakt

Pakt is building the Web3 version of WordPress. It’s a blockchain-building stack. Developers can set up Chainsites. These are like a website but have blockchain embedded into them. You can add smart contracts or have dynamic profiles. The Chainsites also offer escrow wallets. These allow funds to move between wallets when they meet pre-set conditions.

It’s also a community drive project. For example, you can build templates. However, each time a template or module generates value, you benefit from it. Pakt has its own OS that connects everything on-chain. The community delivers all the building tools, like templates or modules. Or AI can generate them. However, the result is, that you can set up sites within minutes without coding knowledge.

That’s how Pakt sees that it’s building the new internet. Pakt is currently in Beta. Trying out the features may help you earn rewards. It’s worth giving it a spin.

3) Pulsar

With Pulsar, we’re back in the blockchain gaming world. Avalanche has set itself up as a gaming blockchain. Plenty of hot, exciting, and up-and-coming projects found a warm welcome and home here. Pulsar has combined real-time strategy with MMO or massively multiplayer online. The game is still in beta. However, you can already earn their $PLSR token. 

That’s free tokens for testing their game. Dive in and learn how to control your units. This allows you to collect resources. In turn, with the resources, you can level up or buy more units. Explore the game world, build armies, and battle. What else can you ask for in an MMO?

Pulsar has a lot to offer, and more is in the pipeline. So, you can already buy mining equipment and accessories in their shop. However, an entirely new Miner Mania is also in the making. A Leaderboard is already live for the top miners. Once more, cementing Avalanche’s role as a leading chain for gamers.


Source: Pulsar shop

4) Movement

Movement offers a modular blockchain framework. It uses the Move coding language, like Aptos and Sui. Movement currently offers an M1 and M2 option. M1 is for Layer 1 chains and M2 is for L2 chains. M1 is compatible with the Aptos Move coding, with Sui to follow. So, the M2 option is compatible with the SUI Move code.

You can use Move-compatible wallets, like Petra or Martian. The Martian wallet allows for both Aptos and Sui Move language. However, through Leap Wallet and Cosmostation, Movement is now also connected to the Cosmos IBC. Furthermore, Movement is also EVM compatible. You can add it to your MetaMask or other compatible EVM wallet.

Modular blockchains are at the forefront of blockchain technology and development. A modular chain manages only specific tasks and delegates other tasks. This in contrast to a monolithic chain, like, for example, Ethereum. Another sample of a modular chain is, for instance, Celestia. Polygon Avail is another sample.

Currently, Movement only offers testnet tokens. However, that also means that their token still has to launch. Keep an eye out for the Avalaunch app. Plenty of new tokens on Avalanche use this launchpad for their TGE. To clarify, a TGE is a Token Generation Event.


This is Part-2 of our 2 Part series on top Avalanche projects. Here’s a link to Part-1. We covered 4 projects, which included, NATIX Network, Pakt, Pulsar, and Movement. This article was inspired by this X thread.


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