An Uptrennd user describes how he monetized contributions to the platform. He then used the earned cryptocurrency to buy a laptop.

In a blog post, the Uptrennd user gave a breakdown of how his work on the platform led to him winning a new computer. Importantly, it shows how Uptrennd pays users for the part they play. In contrast, renowned platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that earn big bucks from users don’t share a single dollar.

How did it happen?

The user, Jarau Moses shared his experience: “I joined the platform early this year and was not serious with it. Eventually, I went off like for two months. Yes, I went off Uptrennd for two months. This means for two months I was not posting or doing anything on Uptrennd,” he affirmed.

Furthermore, he pointed out that despite not being serious at the start, he purchased a $148 laptop from his reward.

“I have come to tell you that I regret not having been active for that time. I am writing this with joy as I was able to buy myself a slim Laptop from just 3 withdrawals. Note, I purchased an Asus E203NA, with 4GB Ram, 32 SSD, 11.6′ Screen size and 7 hours battery. The cost was $148, and I like the battery life,” he added.

Additionally, Moses went on to encourage more people to get on the platform, earn crypto and get rewarded. “For all those who were doubting Uptrennd, this is proof of what it can do for dedicated people. I shared the news to my Uganda community and they are motivated than ever to be serious on Uptrennd. Thus, this is the motivation that crypto or to be particular Uptrennd works,” he added.

Finally, he appreciated the platform saying: “I am again thanking Uptrennd team for the great work they are doing. In terms of upgrading the website, and the community for being patient with them”.

What is Uptrennd about?

Social media platform, Uptrennd allows content creators to monetize their content through the 1UP Token (Uptrennd’s native token).

Accordingly, the platform uses a level system where the higher your level is, the more tokens you will receive. Thus, each time a post or a comment is upvoted, the creator receives a certain amount of 1UP Tokens. New users, also at level one gets 1 1UP token per upvote. Interestingly, upvotes are free. However, the 1UP can be sold at a base rate of $0.05 on the platform.

Note, there are no restrictions on who can use Uptrennd. The 1UP cryptocurrency token is normally issued on the Ethereum platform. Presently, its price is $0.00823629, it has a 24-hour trading volume of $2,190.20.

At the onset, the platform was focused on cryptocurrencies. Currently, it aims to provide the most secure and profitable platform to share any content online. Its overarching goal is to cover a variety of content from different categories.



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