The industry still struggles with a lack of tools made for blockchain developers. The manual process of organizing and storing blockchain data leaves less time for actual building and creating. PARSIQ is a blockchain data management solution for developers.

With filters for custom data access via API or portal, it provides real-time, historical data from

  • Ethereum
  • BSC
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • and Arbitrum.

You can track transactions, and activities and gain insights into the crypto ecosystems using PARSIQ.

What Makes PARSIQ Different

Now what sets PARSIQ apart from other solutions in the market?

The Tsunami API, is a super powerful API accessing real-time and historical blockchain data. It will give you all kinds of filtering options, so you can get the exact data you need. With simple and easy access via API or portal, it grants you access to the entire history of data on a blockchain.

Data Lakes let you store and analyze large amounts of blockchain data. For PARSIQ to build a custom data lake, first, they need to know exactly what data a project wants to access. The initial stage of a Data Lake creation is gathering the data requirements from a customer.

  • Which contracts are they interested in?
  • Which events or functions are significant?
  • Do they need to translate the events?
  • Which data needs aggregation?

PARSIQ has access to the WHOLE history of blockchains it supports. PARSIQ filters out the data of interest from everything else using this funnel. Data Lakes are customized to meet the specific data needs of each client. Once the SDK is out, this will simplify the process so projects can create data lakes themselves.

The SDKs for developers by providing the Plug’n’Play libraries to access specific functionalities. This allows developers to get started in a few minutes with a simple and consistent API. For instance, the purpose of Data Lake SDK is to cover more advanced use cases. It specifies the logic for every block that determines which events to ingest from which contracts. Also decides how to store and process the data, and determines whether it should get aggregated. The result is a unique Web3 API that precisely matches the project’s requirements.

Recent notable updates (in Q2)
New Leadership

On July 1st, 2023, Tom Tirman stepped down as CEO of PARSIQ, and Rong Kai, the company’s former COO, took over the role. Tom Tirman will remain on the PARSIQ board of directors.

Recent Partnerships:

PARSIQ Partners with Protofire

Protofire provides blockchain development services including smart contract development, tokenomics design, and security and technical advisory.

And PARSIQ – offers instant historical and real-time data — as well as custom solutions to particular data needs —

Protofire is good at building blockchain platforms. And PARSIQ is good at providing real-time data and historic insights about blockchain platforms. They can work together to create secure, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain platforms.

Project developers will gain more insights into the on-chain data of the blockchain they are building on.

PARSIQ x Hypersea Strategic Partnership

Hypersea is a new decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Solana blockchain. It uses smart liquidity management to optimize trading for liquidity providers and traders.

Hypersea aims to maximize yields, cut slippage for traders, and protect liquidity.

PARSIQ provides real-time blockchain data that is crucial to the development of the precise mathematical models that form the basis of Hypersea’s DEX. This data helps Hypersea to make sure that its trading algorithms are working properly and that LPs and traders are getting the best possible experience.

PARSIQ provides Hypersea with the data it needs to make sure that its DEX is running smoothly. This helps to ensure that LPs and traders are happy, which in turn helps to boost the adoption of Hypersea.

VirtuSwap integrates PARSIQ’s Tsunami API

VirtuSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Polygon network. It focuses on reducing inefficiencies in trading and liquidity provision.

VirtueSwap can use Tsunami API for its real-time blockchain data streams in automating processes such as:

  • monitoring trades
  • tracking asset movements
  • and providing notifications to users in real-time.

This allows VirtuSwap to provide traders with a seamless and efficient trading experience.

PARSIQ brings for Real-Time Synchronization and Automation of DEX Trading Pools on VirtuSwap.

Tsunami API Launches on Metis: PARSIQ helps Metis with its primary goal — extending business evolvement from web2 to web3. Now, with PARSIQ supporting their chain, it won’t take hours or days to access and collect data, and no longer will it take weeks to restructure that data. For developers, this process will now be instantaneous! Never before has accessing all the data on Metis been this fast, efficient, and reliable. PARSIQ’s Tsunami API is now providing users with raw data from the entire Metis chain. PARSIQ has comprehensive filtration mechanisms, enabling the querying of the entire blockchain history. This includes the ability to filter by sender, receiver contracts, topic, and more.

With raw data in real-time and historical formats, platforms can track various

  • events
  • metrics
  • and statistics.

This includes TVL, liquidity, token prices (current and historical), APR, APY, ROI, user balances, and more.

New Pricing Model

PARSIQ has also introduced a new pricing model, based on Computational Units (CUs). CUs are tokens that represent the resources used by your API requests. This new model makes it easier to understand and predict costs efficiently.

Check out the model here.

So you can see PARSIQ is keeping busy making more APIs more accessible to more projects across the cryptoeconomy.

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