DexCheck AMA with Raffaele

DexCheck is a strategy-based sports game that is having interesting developments. Nowadays, they are launching their native token in 5 launchpads from July 17 to 19th. 

Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the DexCheck AMA session with Raffaele, CEO of DexCheck.

Segment 1: Introduction
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

My name is Raffaele, originally from Italy. My journey into the crypto world started in 2017 when I began trading cryptocurrencies. Over the years, I developed a keen interest in blockchain technology and the extensive data it generates. Trading on-chain allowed me to dive deep into the dynamics of the crypto market, understand its volatility, and gain insights into its functioning.

This experience, coupled with my background in project management, revealed to me the enormous potential of crypto data and the need for a structured and insightful approach to it. Hence, I founded DexCheck a year ago. DexCheck is a crypto/NFT data analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence to extract actionable insights from on-chain data.

As a long-time on-chain trader, I am familiar with the tools and insights that a trader needs when dealing with cryptocurrencies. These insights have helped shape the design and functionality of DexCheck, ensuring our platform offers value to both novice and experienced traders. We are committed to aligning our tools with the actual needs of crypto traders, helping them make informed decisions based on accurate, timely data.

Q – How diverse is your team and where is the team located?

As for the location and diversity of our team, I’m very proud to have assembled a diverse and multicultural team. We have data analysts, scientists, and developers from Europe, Argentina, the Philippines, and India. Although we operate from Europe, our team works in a decentralized fashion.

I truly believe that having a global and diverse team helps us better understand and cater to the needs of our users across the world.

Segment 2: Deep Dive
Q – You call DexCheck the ‘All-in-one Blockchain Analytics Platform’ – Tell us about the platform and what real-world problems does it solve?

At DexCheck, we strive to make the complex world of blockchain data more accessible and insightful for traders. By calling it the ‘All-in-one Blockchain Analytics Platform’, we emphasize the depth of tools and functionalities we provide. Our platform delivers everything from charting to dashboards, showing whale movements, and identifying winning traders, among other features.

The real-world problem we solve is that of data overload and the lack of clear, actionable insights in the blockchain space. We aim to transform raw data into meaningful information that users can use to make informed trading decisions. That’s our mission.

Q – What are the different features/ tools available to make the life of a Trader easier and are they all Live?

Absolutely. At DexCheck, we have a variety of features and tools that are live and ready for use at dexcheck. These tools have been designed keeping the specific needs of crypto traders in mind, helping them navigate the crypto markets with ease and efficiency.

One of our key features is Token Analytics. This feature provides a deep dive into token movements, trading volumes, and price fluctuations. It can help traders identify patterns and trends, aiding them in their decision-making process.

We also have a feature called Crypto and NFT Whales Tracker. This tool allows users to monitor the activity of ‘whales’ or large holders of a particular token. It gives traders insights into major transactions that could potentially influence the market.

Another powerful tool we offer is the Top Crypto Traders tracker. This feature lets users follow successful traders, learn from their trading strategies and decisions, and potentially spot profitable opportunities. These tools, along with many others, are live on our platform. We strongly encourage the community to visit our platform and start exploring these tools.

Q – If I consider the journey of a crypto trader who is new to DexCheck. Can you give me an example strategy on how to use a basket of these tools effectively to get the maximum benefit in trading?

Absolutely, let me guide you through a potential strategy that a newcomer to DexCheck could follow.

When you first log in to DexCheck, you might want to start by visiting our Top Crypto Traders dashboard. This dashboard is essentially a leaderboard of traders who have recently made significant profits trading various tokens. The score associated with each trader is indicative of their trading success, providing a valuable indicator for new users.


Source: DexCheck

After identifying a few top-performing traders, the next step would be to delve into their profiles. By clicking on a trader’s profile, you can gain insights into their trading strategies – which tokens they trade, how often they trade, their average profit margins, and so forth.

dexcheck review

Source: DexCheck

You might find a certain trader whose strategy aligns with your risk appetite and investment goals. If that’s the case, you can start tracking their activities. Our platform allows you to receive notifications whenever that trader makes a new trade. This way, you can get real-time updates and potentially replicate their successful trades.

dexcheck bot

Source: Telegram

Keep in mind, however, that while following successful traders can be a good starting point, it’s also important to conduct your own research and analysis.

Consider using our other tools, such as the Token Analytics and the Crypto and NFT Whales Tracker, to complement the insights you gain from the Top Crypto Traders dashboard. By combining different tools and data sources, you can develop a more robust and winning trading strategy.

Q – What about HODLers? Are they able to identify good tokens very early using the platform?

Absolutely, our platform features a dashboard that displays all pairs recently created on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). This allows users to spot new tokens as soon as they are launched. However, as you mentioned, it’s important to proceed with caution since the world of new tokens can be fraught with scams and rug pulls.

Source: DexCheck

To assist users in this respect, we have integrated a tool called GoPlus. GoPlus scans the contract of a newly listed token and provides an initial assessment of its security. It’s an automated audit tool that checks for common vulnerabilities and suspicious patterns in the contract code.

Source: DexCheck

Therefore, by using these features in tandem, HODLers can discover new tokens early and quickly assess their potential risks and rewards. It’s important to remember, though, that while our tools can provide valuable insights, they should be used as part of a comprehensive investment strategy that includes thorough research and risk assessment.

Q – Tell us how DexCheck utilizes AI to improve crypto trading

DexCheck utilizes AI to improve crypto trading in several ways. Our AI algorithms are designed to identify patterns and trends in the massive amount of blockchain data. They help in predicting market movements, identifying profitable trades, and warning against potential risks.

Indeed, one of our proudest accomplishments at DexCheck is the development of InsightsGPT. InsightsGPT uses AI to generate valuable trading signals for our users. For instance, when winning traders start buying a particular token, InsightsGPT picks up on this and sends out a signal to our users. This can serve as a valuable cue, providing users with an opportunity to evaluate the token and potentially make profitable trades.

Source: DexCheck

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming feature: AI-DexFolio. AI-DexFolio is set to be the first AI-powered portfolio in the crypto space. It won’t just be a place to manage and track your token holdings. Instead, AI-DexFolio will provide intelligent insights based on your specific portfolio.

This means the platform will analyze your token holdings and provide personalized recommendations and alerts. Whether it’s highlighting a potential risk in your portfolio or identifying an opportunity for greater diversification, AI-DexFolio aims to be your smart assistant in navigating the crypto market.

We are continuously working on integrating AI into our tools to provide more actionable and customized insights for our users.

Q – Let’s talk about the token. What is the $DCK token and what are its utilities?

$DCK token plays a pivotal role in our DexCheck ecosystem and brings a host of benefits to the holders!!

  • Unlocking PRO analytics tools: Token holders get access to our PRO analytics tools, which provide deeper and more advanced insights compared to our basic features. This includes more detailed token analytics, sophisticated tracking tools, and priority access to any new analytics features we launch.
  • Private Sales Access: Holding $DCK tokens provides exclusive access to private sales hosted on our platform. This means you get early access to promising tokens before they are available to the general public.
  • Influence through DAO Governance: $DCK token holders get a say in the future direction of our platform through our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance structure. This allows them to vote on key decisions, such as feature development, token economics, and strategic partnerships.
  • Access to Premium Group and Support: $DCK holders get access to our premium support group, where they can get faster assistance and guidance. It’s a community of premium users where you can share insights, discuss strategies, and learn from other experienced traders.
  • Earn rewards through Staking: Finally, $DCK tokens can be staked to earn rewards. By staking your tokens, you’re not only earning passive income but also helping to secure and stabilize the DexCheck network.

In a nutshell, $DCK is more than just a token. It’s your key to a suite of premium services and a way for you to be an active part of our growing community. We’re excited to see how our token holders will use these utilities to their benefit.

Q – You also have a Tier system to access different features. May I know how many tokens I need to be a part of these Tiers?

DexCheck operates on a tiered membership system, which allows different levels of access and benefits based on the amount of $DCK tokens staked. We have three tiers, Rookie Expert and Oracle.


Source: DexCheck

Each tier within our DexCheck system comes with its own unique perks and advantages. And the beauty of our model is that it’s designed with the principles of Web3 in mind.

Instead of charging users a traditional fee, we operate through a staking model. Users are required to stake a certain amount of our native $DCK tokens to access the higher tiers and the benefits they offer.

The benefits of this approach are twofold. For users, it provides a level of flexibility and autonomy; you can stake or unstake your tokens based on your needs, and as long as you maintain the required amount of staked tokens, you can continue enjoying the benefits of your tier.

For the DexCheck ecosystem, this model helps reduce the circulating supply of $DCK tokens, which can help stabilize its value and create a healthier token economy.

Q – You are going to have an IDO soon, tell us more about the platforms and the dates.

We are thrilled to announce that DexCheck will be conducting its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) from July 17 to July 19. This is a significant milestone in our journey, and we’re excited to welcome new members into our community. The IDO will be conducted across five different launchpad platforms!

These are well-known and respected platforms in the crypto industry, and we’re proud to be partnering with them for our IDO. They are:

This multi-platform approach allows us to reach a broader range of potential participants, fostering a more diverse and vibrant community for DexCheck. We’re eagerly looking forward to the IDO, and we hope to see you there!

Q – I have seen that you have an incubation arm too, can you tell us more about it?

Absolutely, I’d be happy to talk about that. In addition to our primary data analytics platform, DexCheck has a venture arm called CheckRaise Ventures. This is an exciting part of our project that really speaks to our commitment to fostering innovation in the blockchain space.

What sets CheckRaise Ventures apart is our approach to community involvement. We believe in harnessing the collective wisdom and passion of our community. As such, we offer our community of eligible token holders the opportunity to participate alongside us in these early-stage investments.

This not only opens up an exciting investment avenue for our community members but also creates a sense of shared ownership and excitement about the future of blockchain. All projects that we invest in are thoroughly vetted by our experienced team, ensuring that we only back projects that meet our high standards of innovation, utility, and potential for growth.

Segment 3: Community Questions.
Q – How does DexCheck collaborate with other market participants, such as decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, or industry experts, to enhance its analytics capabilities and provide users with valuable insights and real-time information?

At DexCheck, we understand the importance of collaboration and partnerships in enhancing our service and offering the most valuable insights to our users. That said, our analytics capabilities are largely independent thanks to our innovative approach.

We leverage nodes to directly fetch transactions from 10 different blockchains. This means that our platform’s operation and the insights we provide do not rely on the consensus or cooperation of other market participants. This ensures that our platform remains resilient and reliable, providing real-time, accurate analytics irrespective of external factors.

However, we are always open to and actively seek out strategic partnerships where they can add value. For example, collaborations with decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, or industry experts can provide additional context, offer new perspectives, or help us to refine our tools and analytics.

Q – Are there any educational resources or strategies provided to help users understand and learn from successful traders?

We understand that the learning curve in crypto trading can be steep, and we’re committed to supporting our users in their learning journey. At the moment, we provide occasional analytics content created using our platform, which offers practical insights and strategies.

But we’re not stopping there!! Recognizing the value of structured, comprehensive education, we’re in the process of creating a dedicated data analytics course. This course is designed to help users, both beginners and experienced traders, better understand our platform and the insights it provides, ultimately helping them make informed trading decisions.

While we strive to keep our platform as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, this course will dive deeper into the functionality of our tools and how to use them effectively in the dynamic world of crypto trading. We’re expecting to roll out the first part of this course in the coming months.

I would highly recommend everyone interested follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram group. This way, you can stay updated on our educational content, course rollout, and other important updates. We’re excited to support you in your crypto trading journey!

Q – I see some Premium based alternatives. If I am a rare frequency trader and I just want to pay for what I exactly need not else, will there be any pay-per-request model too? How do the AI-powered Sentiment Alerts work, and how do they assist traders? What insights can traders gain from NarrativeAI and its analysis of emerging token category narratives?

Our business model is centered around tiers and subscriptions, which we believe offer excellent value and flexibility for our users. That being said, we understand that different users have different needs and a pay-per-request model may suit some users better. While we do not currently offer this model, we remain open to feedback and suggestions from our user base. Should there be significant demand for such a feature, it’s certainly something that our DAO can consider introducing in the future.

Now, on to SentimentAlerts and NarrativeAI. These are AI-powered features that greatly assist traders in identifying shifts in market sentiment and spotting emerging trends.

SentimentAlerts analyze various forms of digital chatter, such as social media posts, forum discussions, and more, to gauge the overall sentiment towards a particular token. When there’s a significant shift in sentiment, our platform alerts users, giving them the opportunity to react quickly to changes in the market.

NarrativeAI goes a step further by analyzing the narratives surrounding different token categories. It uses AI to scour through a vast amount of online content and identify themes or narratives that are gaining traction. This can help traders spot emerging trends and investment opportunities in specific token categories early on.

Q – What is your main reason for entrusting the incubation process to #Chain_GPT?
And what are the advantages of #Chain_GPT for DexCheck development?

We chose ChainGPT as our incubation partner for multiple reasons. Firstly, the team behind ChainGPT is truly top-notch – their expertise, vision, and understanding of the blockchain space are unmatched. They have a deep and nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this space.

Secondly, ChainGPT has provided us with significant value in terms of connections, partnerships, and marketing activities. Their network in the blockchain industry has opened up many doors for us, helping us establish valuable relationships and secure strategic partnerships.

Moreover, their marketing efforts have helped increase our visibility in the market and reach a wider audience. We believe that their input has been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectory of DexCheck.

These are our social media accounts:

We are looking forward to seeing the Altcoin Buzz members asking questions also inside our telegram community, we are always available to help. Don’t forget to participate in one of our upcoming IDOs. The token listing will be on 20 July.

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