Historically, VC funding has been exclusive to an elite few. However, imagine participating in a VC fund yourself. Common Wealth introduces “The Free VC Fund,” a no-cost “earn-to-own” VC fund. This initiative democratizes the venture capital landscape, empowering the crypto community to invest in early-stage projects.

So, how can you join The Free Fund? Explore our Commonwealth Airdrop Guide to find out.

Let’s Dive in!

What is Common Wealth?

Common Wealth is a pioneering Web3 investment platform accessible to all, empowering retail investors to shape their financial trajectories. Its mission is to revolutionize, expand, and refine the traditional venture capital model by leveraging Web3 principles and tech.

A16Z, Sequoia Capital, and Fenbushi Capital share a privilege many lack: the chance to invest early in entities like Coinbase, Binance, and Ethereum. Common Wealth strives to democratize this opportunity, enabling all to engage in the forthcoming wave of Web 3 startup successes.

Comprising a diverse cohort of seasoned professionals from technology, gaming, venture capital, startups, mergers and acquisitions, social media, and blockchain, the founding team and advisors bring a wealth of expertise.

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Moreover, the team has backgrounds in Cardano, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Intel. On top of such elite companies, the team has the support of All Street Oracles. This group of ten seasoned professionals boasts decades of experience in blockchain, crypto, and technology investments, serving as key players in identifying and referring early-stage investment opportunities to the Common Wealth platform.

Essentially, Common Wealth caters to two distinct categories of investors:

  1. The casual investor: This includes individuals who are new to blockchain tech or investing and may not have the inclination to dedicate extensive time to portfolio management, analysis, or participating in voting processes. They may prefer investing smaller amounts using credit or debit cards for convenience.
  2. The experienced investor: This group comprises individuals who are well-versed in investing and are more inclined to transact in stablecoins like USDC or other cryptocurrencies. They may opt to stake WLTH tokens for reduced fees, engage in thorough research on every fund and project, actively participate in the community to earn rewards based on their contributions and performance, and desire a voice in shaping the platform’s direction.
Why CommonWealth?

CommonWealth presents diverse funds tailored to specific investment strategies or sectors, such as the Metaverse or infrastructure. Each fund comprises a blend of groundbreaking projects chosen for investment through investor voting.

Moreover, there will be an Evergreen Fund—a composite of funds—providing exposure to all themed funds. Additionally, there is a Community Fund fueled by platform transaction fees and determined by community vote.

More importantly, operating on a non-custodial basis, Common Wealth ensures that all investments and funds are secured through smart contracts. It is also a fair launch, devoid of VC investment. Nonetheless, Master Ventures and Metavest Capital extended $150,000 loans to facilitate the project’s initial team, development, and administration.


Besides, Common Wealth’s tokenomics establish a self-sufficient economy, consistently generating value for the protocol and its users. Unlike typical protocols, all profits generated are reinvested into the system, rewarding its committed user base.

So the question is not ‘Why Common Wealth’ but ‘Why Not Common Wealth?’

Other Opportunities?

Currently, Common Wealth employs Ethereum for Genesis NFTs, while zkSync Era hosts the platform and core protocol. Powered by the WLTH utility token, all non-investment financial transactions (such as rewards, staking, and governance) are conducted in $WLTH, incurring a 1% fee utilized to fuel the Community Fund.

Genesis NFT holders are entitled to a substantial portion of platform profits throughout the ecosystem’s lifespan. Series 1 holders enjoy a 12% share, whereas Series 2 holders receive a 3% share. Genesis NFT staking is accessible until the TGE via https://genesis.common-wealth.io/stake/. Benefits include Series 1 holders receiving 27 $WLTH every 24 hours and Series 2 holders receiving 5 $WLTH every 24 hours. Upon going live, users can stake $WLTH tokens to decrease fees and engage in governance.

The Free VC Fund: A New Paradigm?

Common Wealth has recently introduced an innovative initiative: The Free “earn-to-own” VC Fund. This initiative blends community-centric Web3 principles with the sophistication of venture capital, making access to the sector more democratic.

The Free VC Fund aims to empower the retail crypto community by providing them with early-stage access equivalent to VCs and other privileged groups, thus promoting fairness. With the backing of influential leaders boasting a combined social reach exceeding 12 million, Common Wealth unveils several industry-first features for this initiative, including being completely free, void of management fees, always liquid, and entirely on-chain.

The Free VC Fund consists of an estimated $2.4 million allocation spread across 15 of the most promising yet-to-launch projects in Web3, including Common Wealth itself. These allocations will be made accessible to early supporters through an interactive and engaging gamification system. The standout projects, recommended by the All Street Oracles and comprising the Free Fund, are Analog, Asymmetry, BLOCKLORDS, Chirp, Cookie3, Diamond Swap, DYOR Exchange, FairSide, Mangata Finance, Mavryk, Nibiru, Nyan Heroes, OP Games, and Rabbet.

The Free Fund will be distributed entirely through airdrops as “Slices” (fund NFTs) to winners of a three-week campaign. Each Free Fund Slice will appear in their wallets as completely non-fungible and immutable proof of ownership, which holders can divide, transfer, or trade at their discretion.

The prizes for the campaign include:

  1. The top 10 recipients each receive $10,000 slices.
  2. The subsequent 50 recipients each receive $5,000 slices.
  3. The next 1,000 recipients each receive $1,000 slices.
  4. Runner-ups collectively share ~$1 million in $WLTH tokens.

Additionally, Common Wealth Genesis 1 & 2 NFT holders and Beta Testers will receive supplementary rewards, acknowledging their vital role in the platform’s beta phase and giving them a competitive edge.

The Commonwealth Free Fund Airdrop Guide

Source: Common Wealth

Step 1: Begin by navigating the Common Wealth website and locating the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner to initiate the account creation process.

Source: Common Wealth

Step 2: Provide your email address and utilize our Promo Code. Always be cautious and avoid using your primary or personal social accounts for airdrops to ensure your privacy! And we recommend a new or burner wallet, too. Following this, proceed with email address verification. Next, click on the link sent to your email labeled “Confirm your email.” You also have the option to connect your wallet at this stage.

Source: Common Wealth

Step 3: Click the “Start Now” button below the Free Fund Section on the homepage.

Source: Common Wealth

Step 4: Explore the various projects in the Free Funds Projects section. Participation in the Free VC Fund is inclusive and involves completing specific off-chain and on-chain tasks associated with each project. The platform monitors progress through a leaderboard and will reward verified participants who fulfill the minimum task requirements.

Source: Common Wealth

Step 5: Engage in various missions organized into 5 Quests across different social channels, earning XP points upon task completion. Each project features five Quests, corresponding to major social media platforms, each containing three or more Missions. Participants who complete all missions within a Quest are eligible for bonus rewards, while those who finish all Quests for a project receive additional XP boost incentives. Some missions may require proof of completion, with both automated and manual verifications ensuring transparency and accountability in line with Web3 ethos.

How are experience points (XP) calculated?

You earn XP for completing Missions, with each Mission typically worth 5 XP. XP is only awarded for Quests upon completing all Missions within a specific Quest, granting an extra 10 XP. Additionally, completing all Quests for a given project awards a bonus of 20 XP.

XP for accomplished Missions is instantly credited. However, the corresponding XP will be deducted from your total score if the platform invalidates your Mission result during verification. Completion bonuses for Quests and Projects are distributed only in the third and final week of the promotion- once the platform finalizes the majority of verifications.

Notification will be provided for invalidated results, allowing you to retry these Missions at any point during the promotion. Regrettably, not all Missions will undergo verification before the promotion concludes, thus rendering those Missions ineligible for retry. For further instructions and rules, please refer to the official website.

When Is The Free Fund Airdrop?

Common Wealth will award the winners either a Slice of the Free Fund (FundNFT) or include them in the distribution of an equivalent of $1.05M in $WLTH tokens.

The initiative began on February 21st, 2024, and will continue for three weeks until the verification phase. A total of 1,060 winners will receive airdropped prizes directly to their wallets upon the app’s launch on zkSync ERA mainnet before April 8th, 2024. Winners of the $WLTH airdrop will receive their full allocation during the Token Generation Event (TGE) week starting April 8th, 2024.

After the launch, the Free Fund will function similarly to other funds within the Common Wealth app, utilizing a permissionless system for investment processes. Slice owners will continue to receive proceeds until the fund is fully vested, along with ongoing rewards for engagement across the Common Wealth ecosystem.

Highlighted Projects

ZkSync is a pioneering scaling technology for Ethereum, introducing innovative solutions to enhance scalability. By consolidating multiple transactions into a single cryptographic proof and processing them off-chain, zkSync significantly amplifies Ethereum’s transaction throughput. MatterLabs has spearheaded zkSync, which has been developing the project since the summer of 2020.


Analog is constructing cross-chain communication tools to facilitate interoperability across various blockchains. Its primary offerings include Timechain, a Rust language-based blockchain network; a versatile message-passing protocol; Analog Watch, tailored for developers; and Timegraph SDK and API suite, enabling the composition of applications across multiple chains. Recently, the project secured a $16 million funding round, elevating Analog’s fully diluted valuation to $120 million.

Nibiru Chain

Nibiru Chain is a L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem, leading the mainstream Web3 adoption wave through continuous innovation across every layer of the stack: dApp development, infrastructure, consensus mechanisms, a comprehensive developer toolkit, and value accrual strategies. Developers also benefit from Nibiru’s “dev gas” royalty mechanism, ensuring a sustainable model for long-term growth. The project recently garnered $12 million in funding.


Asymmetry Finance constructs extensive Liquid Staking solutions on Ethereum. Pioneering innovative LST solutions, Asymmetry tailors to all staking preferences. Whether it’s market-leading yield that’s sustainable and scalable or a versatile all-in-one product supported by a wide array of LSTs, Asymmetry provides it.


BLOCKLORDS presents a player-driven MMO medieval grand strategy game where players’ decisions and skills shape the world and narrative. With a player-owned economy, the game rewards participants irrespective of their roles.


Cookie3 introduces B2B services, pioneering the first-ever ads targeting tool in the Metaverse. Providing content personalization for dApps, a customer insights dashboard, and behavioral scoring of investors, Cookie3 offers a comprehensive tool for launchpads, airdrops, and NFT mints. Cookie3’s analytics engine, utilizing cutting-edge algorithms, processes extensive data from public EVM blockchains, user insights, and Twitter & Discord social statistics.

Mangata Finance

Mangata Finance is an omnichain zk-rollup offering L1-grade native liquidity with a vision to facilitate trading tokens from all ecosystems. Powered by Eigenlayer and Starkware technology, Mangata features gas-free swaps, guards against front-running and MEV, enhances capital efficiency with the revolutionary proof-of-liquidity consensus, and provides weight voting and permissionless third-party incentives.


Mavryk is a next-generation blockchain ecosystem bridging the traditional analog economy with the digitally native financial future. Offering an interoperable network of tokenized Real World Assets integrated with DeFi Dapps for trading & lending, Mavryk has a unique focus on user experience.


Chirp is a pioneering decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) network founded by a team of seasoned telecommunications experts with decades of experience. The project aims to establish a unified wireless network for IoT and broadband applications by leveraging decentralized blockchain tech.


Diamond Swap represents a community-driven, multi-chain DEX that operates efficiently on any EVM-compatible blockchain network. With a modular design, DiamondSwap facilitates streamlined development and customization tailored to specific networks.

DYOR Exchange

DYOR Exchange is a community-centric investment platform empowering individuals to capitalize on the opportunities within Web 3.0. At Dyor, investing becomes a social endeavor, fostering connections between projects, founders, and investor communities. Users can trade, manage, and explore investment prospects while engaging with like-minded investors, unlocking the decentralization world seamlessly on app and desktop platforms.

FairSide Network

FairSide Network introduces a decentralized cost-sharing platform tailored for web3 users. It ensures claims are verifiably fair and provides blanket coverage up to 100 ETH. It enables cryptocurrency investors to mitigate their risks effectively.

Clearly, Common Wealth airdrop can be a lucrative opportunity while being part of a game-changing ecosystem. Stay tuned for more!

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