If you follow Altcoin Buzz and read our articles, you’re most likely familiar with the term Web3. However, Web2 firms still have a much bigger presence. Nonetheless, there’s a transition underway. Many Web2 firms are changing to or adding Web3 to their set-up. So, as you can imagine, helping Web2 firms transfer over to Web3 is big business. Nobody wants to miss that boat and be left behind. That’s where Morpheus Labs comes in.

Morpheus Labs can get any company from Web2 to Web3. So, we’re going to take a closer look at this. How they do it and what they have to offer.

What Is Morpheus Labs?

Morpheus Labs helps Web2 forms to transition into Web3. Web3 offers a different approach to many things, compared to Web2. One of the biggest differences is that creators are in control of their content. So are users. In other words, you decide who can see your personal info or how you monetize your content.

And they are combining 2 of the biggest non-crypto trends in tech. Automation and Low Code tooling. They call it BaaS or Blockchain-As-A-Service.

The team behind Morpheus Labs started their journey back in 2017. Chuan Pei Han is the founder and current CEO. Bruce Lu Yang is the co-founder and CTO. They studied at top universities in China, Australia, and the US, including the FinTech Certification Program at MIT. The team offers balanced expertise in various fields, including finance and blockchain. Morpheus Labs has its headquarters in Singapore.

The Morpheus Labs platform covers different verticals. For example, the metaverse, NFTs, e-commerce, education, or GameFi. Some of their partners include, for instance, Huawei, Elrond, or Tsinghua University. 

Although they have Labs in their name, they’re not an incubator. However, part of their services is to work with incubators and secure grants. So, their service includes complete transition packages. For example, this can include,

  • Coin creation.
  • Smart contracts.
  • Audits.
  • Introduction to CoinGecko.
  • Websites.

And much more. Everything a Web2 company needs to start a successful Web3 journey. Web2 firms can completely transition into their Web3 identity. As such, Morpheus Labs provides end-to-end development. Here’s a short introduction video to Morpheus Labs.

How Does Morpheus Labs Work?

Morpheus Labs works with SEED. That is their blockchain Platform-As-A-Service. 

The Morpheus team identified 3 pain points for devs when starting in Web3. They counter this with 3 SEED solutions.

  1. The tools are in silo vs all-in-one convenience and automation.
  2. Tools are hard to use vs ready-to-use and deploy.
  3. Lack of talent expertise vs easy collaboration.

SEED uses AI-driven features. For example, AI-powered,

  • Workflow studio — A low-code automation platform. 
  • Smart contract studio. — This streamlines all facets between developing and deploying a smart contract. For instance, designing, testing, or reviewing. Low-code tools for creating smart contracts are a big innovation for the entire industry.
  • Collaborative Development Environment (CDE) — It’s like WordPress or Wix, a visual interface. The CDE reduces the need to code. It’s almost like a straight-out-of-the-box, ready-to-use solution. See the picture below.

Morpheus Labs

Source: Morpheus Labs website

  • Template solutions — Pre-built Web3 templates for Dapps. 
  • Multichain infrastructure — It streamlines your smart contracts on various chains with advanced AI.

In other words, SEED offers an extensive ecosystem of tools. This reduces design and deployment time. As a result, there’s also a significant reduction in development costs. It allows firms to design various Dapps, which they can design, test, and deploy, all on one platform.

Furthermore, the platform offers no less than 10 programming languages. These include, among others, Python, Node.Js, Java, PHP, or C++. The platform also caters to 9 blockchains, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Vechain.

Some of their partners in the various verticals include, for example,

  • Metaverse — JP Games
  • Gamification — Tencent
  • NFTs — Huawei Cloud
  • Ecommerce — Alibaba Cloud
  • Digital Assets — Ant Group
  • Education in Web3 — Phillip Securities
  • Real-time data analytics — PingCAP
The $MIND token

The $MIND token started out as $MITX. However, recently the team changed not only the token name but also the supply. There was a max supply of 1 billion $MITX tokens. Now there’s a new max supply of 2.1 billion $MIND. 

The reasons behind these changes are diverse. The original $MITX token had shortcomings. The team addressed these by launching the multi-layer $MIND token. There was an increased token supply because Morpheus Labs increased its service offerings. The migration of the token happened on KuCoin in November. MEXC and QuickSwap also list the $MIND token.

One of the new use cases is that you can stake it soon and use it for governance. The current $MIND price is $0.005808. There’s a market cap of $2.5 million. The total supply is 734 million tokens. Out of these, 434 million $MIND already circulate. The token is up by 7% today and by 122% over the last 14 days. There’s a trading competition in the making with KuCoin for the end of this month.


We introduced Morpheus Labs in this article. This should give you a better understanding of what they are about. Bringing Web2 firms into Web3. We also took a look at how they achieved this. At last, we took a closer look at their new $MIND token.



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