Do you ever get buried under the barrage of information constantly coming at you from the crypto world? Just like an artillery barrage, it pins you down to the ground, unable to think and recover from shell shock. All those tweets, Reddits and Telegram announcements and all the new projects to follow are just too much handle. Could there be a sustainable solution for this?

Most of us have been there – watching the crypto market grow, but not having enough time to research the projects. Because there are just too many of them. So you invest in BTC or ETH and then you have FOMO when you see the alts rising. But you just don’t want to jump in haphazardly.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

You see, in traditional finance, someone has already solved this problem. You don’t have time for stock picking? Then, you go for an ETF (exchange-traded fund). In case you’re not familiar with how a fund works, just imagine a bunch of money put together from different people to invest into stocks for example. Next, you set a strategy – let’s buy all the major energy companies in the US. Then buy their stocks according to a predetermined formula – let’s invest 20% of our fund into each of the top 5 energy companies in the US. When these companies increase in value, so does your fund that owns these shares.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone can bring this idea to crypto you’re probably thinking? I can’t agree more.

Introducing SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO creates ‘funds’ just like I described above. They are called DynaSets and they buy altcoins or NFTs using AI to power their portfolios. What benefits does this bring you?

  • Easily profit from the rise of a particular niche of the crypto market
  • Buy into DynaSets that fit with your investment strategy. Do you like fine art NFTs? There’s a DynaSet for that. How about investing in the hot AI crypto projects? They have another DynaSet covering it.
Killing Two Birds With One Stone

SingularityDAO was created to solve 2 big problems that arose from the growth of the DeFi market:

  1. As the market grows exponentially, so does the amount of information about what’s going on inside the market. This confuses the retail investor and keeps him waiting on the sideline.
  2. There are a lot of cutting-edge projects, but they just can’t unleash their innovations. Why? Because most people invest only in BTC and ETH and the ones that are left, follow Elon Musk’s Twitter for the latest ‘investment’ advice. And if there’s still someone left with money, they are buying meme coins.

SingularityDAO solves the first problem by offering preset portfolios that people can simply buy into. No more difficult, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking altcoin picking for you. Just choose a big picture DynaSet that fits you and hop on board.

How about the second problem? You see SingularityDAO picks those cutting-edge projects and puts them into their DynaSets. As soon as you buy your DynaSet tokens, these projects get the much-needed funds to grow. And bring their cool innovations to increase the growth speed of the entire crypto market. In your face meme coins!

Why the Heck Do We Need AI For All This?

You’re right. This project could also work without AI. So why is it here? Imagine a car. It just can’t run properly with little oil. In the same way, SingularityDAO uses AI to grease the wheels on all levels. This creates a smooth ride for the entire infrastructure. As a direct result, we’re looking at a more safe, stable, and solid ecosystem. Just consider this:

  • Who will automatically readjust the DynaSet after the altcoins increase in value? AI.
  • Who will set up and adjust the parameters for how third-party market makers bring in liquidity for optimum performance? AI.
  • Who will execute without delay the necessary hedging strategies to protect your money in sideways or bear markets? AI.
What if You Could Have Passive Income from Your DynaSet tokens?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what SingularityDAO has to offer. In the next article, we will bring you more great insights – how to earn passive income from your DynaSet tokens, powerful partners standing behind this company, their expertise, and much more. Stay tuned!

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