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Welcome to the age of the “digital land rush”.  JPMorgan, HSBC, Samsung, Adidas secured their virtual lands in the metaverses like Decentraland and Sandbox because they know it is the future. 

But, the market overheated and prices of virtual lands in this metaverse inflated. This makes it impossible for tech investors like you and me to grab virtual land. But, if you keep looking out, opportunities never end in Big Time. But, why should you buy space? How can you buy them and what advantage will it offer you with the gameplay. Let’s find all the answers.

What is a SPACE NFT in Big Time?

SPACE is essentially land or virtual real estate like we see in other metaverse games like Decentraland and Sandbox. You can add crafting stations to your SPACE, decorate the rooms, add forges, install portals, and much more. SPACE NFTs allow players to produce exclusive in-game items. That means is that only players will create them, based on the utility. 

The cost of buying SPACE varies. It could run you anywhere from $299 to $23,000, depending on the size and rarity. The supply of these NFTs is 600,000 and will never change. Until now, almost 22% of the total supply has been made available to the player. The rest of it will be slowly introduced over 3-4 years via sales and in-game drops.

Participate in Big Time’s SPACE NFT Sale

Big Time’s Exalted SPACE NFT Sale is going live on March 24th. This will be your last chance to purchase SPACE. Developed by the creators of Fortnite and Decentraland, Big Time just released the first demo of its AAA game which is going live very soon. 

Note: Only the players who hold one of the 12,000 VIP passes released in December 2021 will be able to play the Early Access version slated for launch next month which would last 10 weeks or a bit longer. 

In the video below, there is a great trailer of the BIG TIME game that is expected to go live next month:

The excitement in the gaming community is very high as Big Time will be the first-ever “AAA,” or highly rated, action title game on blockchain that allows players to acquire, hold and trade NFT-based virtual items with ease.

So unlike Decentraland and Sandbox, where you got to pay hundreds of dollars to own land, in Big Time games you just need to play a game to unlock a virtual land which is called “Beginner’s time machine“. This beginner’s time machine is free to all.  And to get access to advanced features you will need Space NFTs. 

Therefore, Big Time has solved one of the biggest confusions of virtual land games: Where should you buy the land? Next to JPMorgan or HSBC? Because this will determine the future price of the virtual lands. But in Big Time, the price of a personal metaverse is determined by the type of SPACE NFTs it’s upgraded with, instead of its position on the map. 

More About SPACE NFTs Sale

SPACE NFTs will drop only when the full game goes live. The first SPACE sale was launched in December 2021 where 10% of the total supply of SPACE NFTs was sold and it turned out to be a huge success.

Also, the Space NFTs going on sale is the “Exalted and Mythic Space NFTs” that offer the largest size or “socket” amount with the highest level rarity. These will be available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The more rare space NFT will have more sockets. 

During the Dec 21 Sale, the price of the Exalted and Mystic SPACE NFTs was between $999 to $3,299. If you are interested, do check out Big Time’s Twitter account

Basically, with a larger space NFT, a player can produce more in-game items, and with the rarity scale, the player can craft some of the best weapons and armor skins. It looks like the game is completely player-driven and that gives it a great advantage in the AAA blockchain game competitors like Star Atlas.

Get Access to Big Time’s Early Access Passes

Sign up to stand a chance to win a Ruby Pass worth $200. Also, you can buy these early access passes in the BigTime NFT marketplaceGold VIP Pass price is $7,888, Silver VIP Pass starts at $1375 and Jade VIP pass starts at $530. 

The reason why you should buy these early access passes is that early players will get access to limited edition in-game content:

Also, if you hold a gold VIP pass, you will get access to the gameplay as soon as it goes live and get access to an NFT drop rate of Rare, Epic, and Legendary SPACE NFTs. You must note that there will be no Exalted and Mystic NFT drops in early access for any VIP pass holders.

Moreover, if you hold a silver VIP pass you get early access in Week #5 and MEGA NFT Rate drop, for Jade VIP Pass you get in Week #8 and GREAT NFT Rate drop for the Ruby VIP pass you get access in Week #10 and normal NFT Rate drop.

Once the 10 weeks of early access are over, Big Time world will reset. But the early access users will continue to retain the ownership of the NFTs they collected during the early access.

How to Participate in the SPACEs Sale Event?

On March 24th at 9 am (EST), Big Time will have the Exalted and Mystic SPACE NFT sale in its native marketplace. 22% of 60,000 SPACE NFTs has already been sold to the guilds and in December sale.

Although we have no information about how many Exalted and Mystic SPACE NFTs will be up for sale. But know for sure that this is the last time you can buy using USDC or credit cards. Also, right now the sale is not live but you can sign up on the marketplace. 

To purchase SPACE, you’ll need to:

  1. Sign up for the Big Time marketplace that went live in December 2021.
  2. Provide your phone number, click on “Get Code“.
  3. Enter code in here
  4. Click on your Account in the top right corner
  5. Go to “Add funds
  6. Click on “Crypto Deposit
  7. You can scan the QR code and directly deposit USDC here. In the future, they might accept ETH deposits too. 

Note: As per the marketplace this could take 1-5 mins. Now, in case you plan to make purchases over $3,000, you will have to complete the 2nd step of identity verification.

So unlike most of the games in the AAA blockchain gaming space, Big Time is super close to a major milestone, the launch of a free-to-play and earn the playable game. Built by creators of Decentraland,  Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty. Big Time will be no less than one of the top-most metaverse games with a P2E model.

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