Blank Wallet Review

The blank wallet is an innovative solution that has emerged in response to the ever-increasing demand for privacy and anonymity. If users want transparency and to be anonymous to participate in DeFi, they must choose a real solution or deal with today’s existing solutions.

Blank wallet offers a one-of-a-kind solution that allows users to hide the amounts and origins of their cryptocurrency holdings in a decentralized and frictionless manner.

Therefore, this non-custodial wallet ensures total crypto security and anonymity for its users and it claims to be the world’s most private Ethereum wallet. It is aimed at solving privacy problems in the blockchain. Currently, it is on the testnet version.

Blank Wallet, Real Privacy For Your Crypto.

The biggest problem that Blank Wallet has recognized is how everything can be tracked. When you connect your wallet to a decentralized app, that dApp platform may be able to view both your wallet’s ID and your IP address.

Did you know that anyone can access all of your dApps where you’ve connected your wallet? With adequate access to that data stream, people can know your previous transfers, and how much crypto you have in your wallet.

Nowadays, users who need privacy, are forced to find trustable services for this purpose, such as masking their crypto address within the blockchain space. However, Blank Wallet solves this by providing an all-in-one wallet solution that doesn’t need a KYC previous process to use it.

Therefore, this non-custodial wallet has a system that encrypts your financial information by mixing it with a pool of funds in a decentralized manner. As a result, there is no trace of your information in those funds once they leave the other end. If you want to know deeper about how is Blank Wallet working, please read our article.

This is the first-ever Chrome extension that gives you an untraceable identity.

Blank’s Smart Contracts Are Fully Audited

Before each release, Blank’s smart contracts are audited by independent auditors like X41 D-SEC. Once the code is live, it cannot be changed. In any case, no invader may alter, change, or distort it.

To ensure the privacy of your transactions, Blank will offer initial liquidity. As a result, Blank offers:

  • Hierarchical Deterministic Seed Key
  • Open Source
  • Secured with audits and bug bounties

A Specialized Team Backed by Prestigious Investors.

On the other hand, Blank Wallet’s team is a group of tech consultants, software engineers, and developers with a desire to disrupt the blockchain ecosystem. Like every crypto enthusiast, they can see the value of Blank in DeFi and its global implementation. You can see every team member here.

Also, the project has partnered with various major investors such as:

Blank wallet investors

Source: Blank

$BLANK Token

Blank Wallet’s utility token is called $BLANK. In addition to providing liquidity for the development of Blank Wallet and its marketing activities, the $BLANK token is mainly used to obtain additional benefits in the wallet and to monetize its value. Also, BLANK token holders can benefit in a variety of ways when using the Blank wallet app:

  • Fee Reduction for Token Holders
  • Token Burn
  • Liquidity Providers Benefit
  • Referral and Rewards System
  • Exclusive Features and “Access-First” Functionality

Finally, the $BLANK token is currently worth USD 0.39 at the time of writing this article. This current price is 93% lower than the all-time high of USD 5.54 set on April 1st, 2021. Nowadays, $BLANK is listed in Uniswap V2.

Future Plans for Blank Wallet

The major upcoming milestone for the project is the launch of its MainNet. Certainly, the plan is that the MainNet will go live in 2 months. As a result, the integration of functional private pools within an Ethereum wallet will be provided. The next step is to expand Blank Wallet to Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains.

According to Blank Wallet’s roadmap, by the end of the year the plan is to meet the following goals:

Blank wallet Roadmap

Source: Blank Wallet


Direct competitors for Blank Wallet are Tornado Cash (using smart contracts), Incognito (anonymous wallet), Metamask (private but not anonymous wallet). Therefore, the success of Blank Wallet’s competitors ensures that demand for private transactions is as great as ever – while Blank also offers significant competitive advantages. The following table shows a comparison of Blank Wallet with competitors.

Feature Blank Metamask Tornado.Cash
Hidden history Yes No Yes
0 User Tracking Yes No Yes
Browser Extension Wallet Yes Yes No
Web3 ready for all DeFi applications Yes Yes No
ERC-20 Support Yes Yes Only 4 stablecoins
Partial Withdraw Yes Yes No
Automatic Smart Contract Deposits Yes No No
Referral system Yes No No
Revenue Sharing Yes No No



There has been a demand for improved privacy and anonymity on the blockchain, but there has been a lack of suitable solutions. The creation of Blank Wallet is a new step in the fight to defend consumer privacy. Blank gives everyone the smoothness and easy-to-use additional privacy features with a simple, designed web wallet.

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