People around the world are having a hard time buying crypto assets. Crypto exchanges close down or on-ramping becomes difficult. However, BYDFi is a regulated exchange that offers trading to all but 4 countries. And it’s a no KYC exchange so anyone can trade there.

So, let’s take a look at BYDFi and two small and mid-cap coins anyone can still buy without restriction.

Kaspa (KAS)

Kaspa with its KAS coin is our mid-cap choice. It’s a Proof-of-Work blockchain. So, this means that you need to mine the coins. Like Bitcoin or Litecoin. For consensus, it uses the GHOSTDAG protocol. Among others, Yonatan Somplinsky wrote this protocol. He’s also Kaspa’s founder. 

In their own words, they call themselves the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. With an emphasis on ‘best’, since it doesn’t have any of their weaknesses. One of its features, that we like, is that it’s deflationary. It’s also scalable and decentralized. 

Kaspa offers smart contracts. It also offers two layers, for instance.

  1. A base consensus layer. This works like Bitcoin, with proof-of-work.
  2. A secondary computation layer. This works like a layer 2 found on Ethereum. It offers scalability and fast transactions.

It launched on 7th November 2021 with a fair launch. In other words, there was no presale or pre-mine. The founders and team had to buy coins, like everybody else. Kaspa is a blockDAG. This means that individual transactions link to various other transactions. DAG stands for ‘directed acyclic graph’. For example, blocks confirm parallel to each other, instead of one at a time. This allows the blocks to confirm faster.

Traditional blockchains link like a list. Kaspa is like a tree, that branches out. You can see how this, GHOSTDAG, works in real time, in their blockDAG visualizer. Currently, the block rate is 1 block per second. Soon this should become 32 blocks per second. The team is also eyeing 100 blocks per second after that.

The current KAS price is $0.04318834. The price over that last year is up by a stunning, 2074%. It has a market cap of $881 million. The max supply is 28.7 billion KAS coins. The total and circulating supply are currently 20.2 billion coins.

Router Protocol (ROUTE)

Router Protocol with its ROUTE token is our small-cap choice. BYDFi is the ONLY exchange, where American and Canadian citizens can buy ROUTE. The Router Protocol is all about cross-chain. It bridges between layer 1 and layer 2 networks.

Router used the Cosmos SDK to build its platform. It has a CrossTalk library. This works like the IBC on Cosmos. Router is a Layer 1 chain that aims to connect a variety of chains. Current bridges are not safe or secure enough. Currently, Router connects 9 chains. These include, for example, Ethereum, Base, Polygon, BSC, and Arbitrum. It does this with a mesh network. This connects all chains with the same set of router nodes. Furthermore, Router Protocol offers low transaction fees.

In contrast, other bridges connect only two chains with each other. The advantage that Router offers, is that new chains can join the existing network. There’s no need for a new 1-on-1 new bridge. This gives Router many use cases. For example, cross-chain options for,

  • Stablecoins – they become chain agnostic. With a burn and mint mechanism, you can transfer stablecoins natively.
  • Governance – Router Chain becomes a cross-chain synchronizer. It allows data and voting results to communicate between Router Chain and other chains. 
  • Swap aggregator – it finds the best path from the source chain. As a result, it can split up trades among chains.
  • Minting NFTs – you can mint on any supported chain, regardless where your funds are.
  • Wallets – see and track your funds among supported chains.

The current ROUTE price is $2.13. It has a market cap of $26.7 million. There’s a total supply of 20 billion ROUTE coins, and 12.5 billion already circulate. The picture below shows how their cross-chain solution works.

Router Protocol website

Both of these tokens are available on BYDFi. As already mentioned, this includes US and Canadian citizens. We also mentioned that ROUTE is ONLY available to Americans and Canadians on BYDFi.  BYDFi also offers derivatives and perpetuals. If you sign up now, with our link, you can get up to $2,888 in rewards. In addition, please keep in mind that BYDFi is fully regulated (US MSB Registration No. — 31000215482431).


We looked at a small-cap and mid-cap coin on the regulated BYDFi exchange. For the low-cap coin, we talked about ROUTE. BYDFi is the only exchange where American and Canadian citizens can buy the ROUTE coin. For the mid-cap coin, we picked KAS.

Did you know that BYDFi offers trading 400+ tokens with no KYC? You can also trade with only 0.6% futures & 0.1% spot fees, receive free trading signals, and earn nearly $2,000 in bonuses. For more info just click here.

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