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Hello! This is another short update for AltcoinBuzz community speaks about Unibright! It has been roughly a month since I last wrote about the updated road map, and since then there have been a few very interesting pieces of information shared by the Unibright team.

My Current thoughts

Unibright has been around for just over a year now, and in that time has met all of its goals outlined in its original roadmap. They have been working with some big names, and current clients using the framework include companies such as a jewelry producer, a German brewery, a company that produces fireproof materials and then of course, and their biggest named client, a tokenization PoC for Deutsche Bahn. These are all pilot clients, and the community is eager to see who comes next, now that the framework is “Product Ready”. Unibright outlined some information, but recently they shared a couple more details in their telegram, where their shared news such as the US-Based Real Estate Tokenization client and that there are in fact two medical food companies they are working with! The fact that there are two different clients wanting to use the same batch tracing template already is a sign of how quickly Unibright can scale up to meet demand as awareness and understanding of what they offer grows.

The Unibright token model is unique, and I personally believe the current token price is significantly undervalued. I think that Unibright is a team that is working hard on delivering a product, and therefore a utility for their token. There are not many projects that boast to having actual clients that are using their tokens to pay for services. A really interesting tweet I saw recently from Rob Bailey (CEO & Co-Founder, MState):

Unibright ticks all the boxes on this wishlist, and for me, these recent developments are a clear sign that Unibright is on the right track to success. It is still early, and once people start to see big clients coming to Unibright and locking tokens in the framework, they will realise what a strong use case the UBT token has!

The biggest pieces of news for Unibright since last time!

  • Stefan Schmidt gives an update on clients and progress

Having not heard much from the CTO over the past week or so, late on Wednesday 15th of May he shared some very exciting updates in a message on telegram. A nice summary graphic has been created by the community, seen above. Highlights within it are updates on the tokenization and cross-chain templates for the USA based real estate clients, and updates on the German food company template. There is also information that another Canadian food company wants to use the template being developed for the German company! This just goes to show the potential for repeat business from these templates once companies start to hear about them and how they are being used.

  1. Institute of Supply Management webinar by Stefan Schmidt

There is an in depth article about this on AltcoinBuzz, and of course there is the official Unibright Medium post as well. The webinar is free to watch, and gives some really good insights into blockchain and DLT for enterprise, especially Supply Chain, as well as where Unibright fits into all of this. With 50,000 members, this was great exposure for Blockchain and Unibright.

  1. There will be a Blockchain and Unibright meet up on the 6th of June as part of Dutch Blockchain Week 2019

Dutch Blockchain Week will be held from the 2nd until the 7th of June 2019, and will be the first of its kind, as events are being hosted not just in one city, but in seven cities across the Netherlands.

As part of this, The Unibright team is hosting a Blockchain Integration Workshop and Meetup. It will be at the Hague University of Applied Sciences on Thursday the 6th of June from 7 – 10 PM. The schedule for the evening is as follows:

19:00 Latest Announcements by the Team

19:45 How to Write Smart Contracts and Manage Business Processes on Different Blockchains without a Single Line of Code.

20:30 Meetup and Drinks

It is free to come along, so sign up now if you are interested!

  1. Ruud has been on the CryptoBenelux Podcast again

Ruud Huisman has been keeping the Dutch Crypto communities informed of latest developments, and he seems to be becoming a bit of a regular on their show. Follow this link to watch it.

  1. Jack did a talk at the Curaçao Blockchain Week 2019 about Blockchain and Unibright

Some of you may remember Jack, who used to write articles about Unibright for Community Speaks. This year was the first edition of the Curaçao Blockchain Week, which was made up of a week full of workshops, meetups and special events around Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to further progress the developments in Curaçao. During this 5-day event, Jack ran a session at this conference where he explained in a practical way what blockchain can offer and how it can be integrated easily using the Unibright Framework.

  1. Unibright Merchandise given away to community members

In recognition of some of the community members efforts, help and support over the last year, Unibright sent out Hoodies and a T-Shirt to some lucky members. This could be a regular thing, or it could be a one off and the hoodie becomes a collectors item. Either way, Wallybits and friends are trying really hard to earn one now that they have seen them! Below are some pictures of the hoodie that Ionut has been playing around with. They look very cool!

Anything Else?

I hope you enjoyed the update, I could have missed things, but, in the words of A5, to make sure you don’t miss anything “New and Exciting!”, remember to follow and join all the Unibright social media channels!

UBT Telegram Chat

UBT Telegram Announcements

Official Unibright  Twitter

UBT Medium

Website –

Blockchain Consultancy –

Unofficial UBT Telegram (Price and GIFS)

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