According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), the Global Startup Economy is worth USD 3 trillion. As a result of blockchain technology, traditional startups now have a much easier and more transparent way to fundraise money. Decubate aims to solve this problem.

Decubate is a community-powered investment platform that aims to tokenize traditional startups and build a new asset class on-chain. This platform will bridge with traditional incubators and offer fractionization (tokenization) of any asset in the long term. All of these features in a non-custodial way!


Source: Decubate
Decubate’s Features

Decubate has fascinating characteristics, which makes it a leading platform in the investing sector. Discover them here:

  • Cross-chain and Interoperability- The fundraising campaign can be performed across multiple blockchains.
  • Smart-Vesting- Different smart vesting strategies for the innovator to choose.
  • Fair allocation- Allocation between the innovator and the investor will be managed via agreement. The terms and conditions of the agreement are defined and agreed upon by both parties before the event.
  • Incubating Strategy- The core strategy of the platform is to partner with traditional incubators across all Europe (globally later). They aim to find projects with established products and brands to help in easy onboarding into Blockchain technology.
  • Community driven and Governance- Community members vote for innovative ideas, new features, and change/upgrade of any platform service.
  • Reputation Mechanics- Reward model for high reputation scores. $DCB token holders can earn rewards by giving feedback, auditing projects, providing liquidity, or plugging other resources (marketing, audits, capital, general idea) for reputation and other rewards (tokens).
  • Tokenized Assets- Enables tokenization of any traditional assets.
  • Contract Configuration- Allows the innovators to configure their incubation plan, contracts, vesting, and much more. No need for any technical knowledge.
  • Effortless Staking and Pooling– Offers staking strategies to reward loyal community members.
  • Cross-Chain Listings- Deploy the incubated projects on any supporting blockchains.
  • Reputation NFT’s- A limited number of NFT’s to be distributed to the highest reputation score users as a reward.
  • Compliant- Follows a correct legal framework and infrastructure for tokenizing assets.
  • Technical Infrastructure- The platform is launched on Binance Smart Chain. It will be interoperable with Ethereum via the bridge (currently under development), powered by Substrate under Polkadot. Sufficient pools are focusing on Ethereum.
How Decubate Differentiate From Competitors

Decubate is a crowdfunding platform that solely focuses on bringing web2 businesses on-chain. This platform streamlined the account creation process, creating a faster KYC and whitelisting process.

On the other hand, this platform has a simplified investment process focused on new crypto audiences. Also, the reputation system rewards the most active community members with status and increases allocation (forthcoming).

Finally, according to Decubate’s roadmap, DAO will be launch in 2022.

$DCB Token Utility

Finally, the $DCB token has the following utilities:

  • Reputation score- Users will earn a reputation score through participation in platform activities. The reputation score determines the user’s allocation in case of oversubscribed fundraising campaigns.
  • Stake- User earns a reputation score by staking their $DCB tokens. The platform also offers platform fee distribution and long-term community rewards for its loyal users.
  • Liquidity mining- $DCB holders can provide liquidity into the liquidity pool and earn a reward from the platform’s trading fees. Apart from a share in trading fee, the platform plans to launch a high fixed distribution on top of it.
  • Rewards- When a project has successfully completed the incubation, $DCB holders who have staked their tokens receive an airdrop from the incubated project without any investment on allocation. Also, if you are among the highest reputed community members, you will receive a limited number of NFTs.
  • Vote- Enable community members can vote on the competing projects for incubation and fund, and in return, earns a reputation score.
  • Pay- Users can use the $DCB token as a currency to pay for the platform’s key features such as incubation whitelisting, contract configurations, paying for audits, advice, marketing, content, and much more.
  • Governance- $DCB token holders can participate in platform governance activities like vote and participate in new product features, change/ up-gradation of token utilities, and community ecosystem.

On the other hand, the $DCB token is currently trading at USD 0.02, having a marketcap of USD 614,748 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 13,015. It has a circulating supply of 29 Million tokens and 1 billion tokens as a total supply.

In the picture below, you can see the staking pools inside the platform:

Decubate staking

Source: Decubate
Decubate Key Achievements

The Decubate platform has raised USD 350,000 across three platforms: PAID Ignition, BSCPad & TronPad. For instance, the platform is currently on the Binance Smart Chain. Meanwhile, an Ethereum bridge is currently under development. Also, according to its roadmap, Decubate has completed the following milestones until now:

  • Token generation event
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Liquidity locking via TrustSwap
  • Liquidity pools (live, 7.5 million DCB staked)
  • MVP launch (live as of 9/10)
  • First Startup on Decubate (live, investment opens 9/22)
  • Launched three staking pools to reward DCB holders for locking their tokens. The pools offer attractive APY, anti-whale measures, and the ability to withdraw anytime.

In Part 2 of this article, we will talk about the first IDO in Decubate. We will also cover Tokenomics and what plans Decubate has for the future.

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