In Part 1 of this article, we reviewed Decubate. A blockchain-based platform that aims to bring conventional startups into the new era of fundraising. Decubate is trying to tokenize the startups. In this article, we cover the platform’s features, product differentiators, key achievements, and the token utility of the project.

$DCB Tokenomics

$DCB is the native token of Decubate that was made by the BEP-20 standard. The project aims to circulate the full token supply in 10 years. Also, the $DCB token is deflationary, where 10% of all fees paid on the platform will be burned, and the remaining 90% will be distributed to the staking reward pool.



Source: Decubate

Decubate Partners

The Decubate platform is trusted by many different blockchain pioneers:


Source: Decubate

The platform is looking forward to partner with Chainlink (VRF), ApeSwap, and Ferrum Network shortly.

Decubate Go-to-Market Strategy

The project currently follows an influencer-led approach. It partners with leading influencers who deliver against the target audiences. The project is slowly syncing influencer strategy with product strategy. Various community programs like ambassador programs and affiliate programs will come out soon.

In summary, the platform has 85 KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) with a combined social reach of 3MM+. Here there are more milestones:

  • Over USD 1.3MM raised to date
  • 8000+ $DCB token holders
  • A solid social presence includes 28,000 Twitter followers, 20,000 Medium followers, 14,000 Telegram Chat, and 16,000 Telegram.
  • Decubate will soon launch its first project, a startup named Arize
The First Project in Decubate, Arize IDO

Azire is a market for virtual goods that can be used in metaverses. The $ARZ token is a BEP-20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, the $ARZ token will be used as a platform currency and used for voting and providing royalty to holders. Also, Arize’s team has six members and has been developing since Nov 2018. The exact launch date is yet to be disclosed.

Decubate’s RoadMap

This platform will be the first social crowdfunding incubator in the Netherlands, while there are over 50 traditional incubators with over 4000 startups. Their first target group would be these incubators to establish a foothold within the incubator/accelerator market. This will become the project’s inflow of startups that will eventually flow into the blockchain space.


Source: Decubate

Nowadays, the platform is now open for registration. Supported features include:

  1. Account creation- Your home base on Decubate, set up, and manage all of your settings in one place.
  2. Identity verification– Complete KYC to legally invest in the startups on Decubate.
  3. Wallet verification- Verify your preferred wallet for investment on Decubate.
  4. Enhanced security- Increase the security of your Decubate account by setting up 2FA.

On the other hand, these are the short and long term milestones that Decubate has:

Major Upcoming Milestones – Short Term (1 – 3 months)
  • Voting system
  • Distribution contracts
  • Pooling contracts
Major Upcoming Milestones – Long Term (>3 months)
  • Multi-asset staking
  • Reputation system
  • DAO


Tokenization of real-world startups and fundraising will need strict regulatory compliance. This is why Decubate focuses on starting its services with the Netherlands, a relatively more minor scope. Therefore, the product might still need to launch Web 3 startups to keep up the volume.

Nowadays, the launchpad landscape is heating up where getting into $DCB is very low. Currently, the market cap of USD 684,000 is very low, and if the project delivers, the token has a lot of room to grow.

The platform looks sleek, with a staking mechanism already built in. However, the project needs to show a consistent pipeline of good projects. Decubate is a launchpad that is gearing up for future success. It is a project to keep on your watchlist and observe.

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