Ethereum has been on a nice run lately and this definitely reflects on the transaction chart. Is this a sign to consider swapping Bitcoin for Ethereum?


Chart By Etherscan.

Ethereum has registered an YT of 908K transactions, on the 16th of May, which is great since we haven’t seen such a number since May, last year.

What does the transaction increase show us?

The increase shows us that Ethereum is a strong project and that it will continue to gain value. We have seen ETH doubling its price in the past few weeks. Ethereum is currently the second investment of choice after Bitcoin, and I strongly believe it will perform really well in this bull market. An increase in on-chain transactions, new and active addresses has been noticed as well; these are all signs of adoption.

Should I swap my BTC for ETH?

While I can’t give you financial advice, I can express my opinion. While ETH is seeing almost 3x the transactions of BTC, I believe it’s always wise to hold some BTC. Bitcoin is the brand for crypto, and just this fact alone will give it huge value over the years. It’s important to consider that ETH could return just as good profits as BTC in the long term.

Please note that everything said in this article should not be considered financial advice.



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