Top 10 Reasons to Buy DAO Maker (DAO)

DAO Maker is a comprehensive suite of products shaped to cater to the growing needs of the crypto community and retail investors. The platform aims to be the go-to platform for retail venture investing and to improve the quality of millions of lives.

DAO is the governance token of DAO Maker’s ecosystem. It is built on the Ethereum network and allows the holders to add changes and make updates to the ecosystem. Moreover, users can lock their DAOs in DAO Maker Vaults to obtain ecosystem incentives and qualify for sales allocations.

In this blog post, we highlight the prime reasons for being bullish on DAO.


In order to become the epicenter of retail venture capital, a platform must feature all the supportive resources and technology. It makes a platform desirable as a funding outlet and a means of success. DAO Maker is a complete solution in the world of crowdfunding, blockchain marketing, and community development. It offers the following services:

1) Social Mining: It is a click-to-launch feature of DAO Maker that premiered with LTO Network in 2018. Social mining allows any tokenized project to set incentives in tokens for the members who offer value to the ecosystem. This feature is further divided into three product options:

  • Express – which is available for small-cap tokens under a permissionless launch.
  • Atlas – It is available to permissioned tokens via a subscription-based framework.
  • dTeams – is a new vector of DAO Maker’s technology. It is available to early-stage equity-funded projects under a subscription-based, permissioned model.

2) Market Making: Liquidity is vital for the decentralized crypto market. It retains the value of a project’s tokens, community confidence, and healthy speculative interest. DAO Maker worked for over two years to build a legitimate secondary market liquidity solution. It can support sell and buy-side liquidity across all market pairs of any token on any exchange.

Marketing and Community Services

3) Marketing: DAO Maker offers a set of marketing services to its clients, including Influencer Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, SEO, and Paid Advertising. The platform also works with top STEEM and Bitcointalk influencers to provide a wide-spread exposure to its clients.

4) Community Building: Strong communities deliver growth benefits and behave as a defense to the reputation of a project. DAO Maker offers essential services like consistent and quality content, explainer videos, community management, narrative creation, and more to help blockchain-based platforms to build and expand their communities.

5) Advisory Services: DAO Maker also offers advisory services to project teams. It includes an easy KYC/AML procedure for projects to comply with regulations and event management to offer exposure, sales, and networking. Besides, the platform has built a strong network of industry exchanges to help projects with listing strategy.

6) Token Architecture: Considering the vitality of tokenomics, DAO Maker has stepped into the realm to play a critical role in token adoption. The platform offers a complete token metric that includes the economy and monetary policy of the underlying token.


7)Team: Christoph Zaknun is the brain behind DAO Maker who created one of the first ICO brands in 2017. He has also supported $100M in ICO funding. Giorgio Marciano is the CTO, leading technical developments of the project by leveraging his extensive experience in coordinating million-dollar projects. On the other hand, DAO Maker has Malte Christensen. He plans and manages DAO Maker’s business developments and partnerships.

DAO Token and Holders

8) DAO Token: DAO is the native token that grows the entire ecosystem of DAO Maker. It helps automate the acceleration of all products as each product of the platform uses DAO. Token holders can also govern the reward pool of DAO Maker by staking their holdings. Moreover, the platform provides a tiered cashback system to DAO holders.

9) DAO Holders: Recently, DAO Maker launched strategic funding round, which institutional buyers and community members joined to raise capital. The list of companies includes LD Capital, Digital Finance Group, GBV Capital, JRR Group, Chain Capital, etc. In addition to institutions, DAO was bought by executives from NEM and Pello Capitals; partners from Brilliance Ventures, Woodstock, and Rockaway; and blockchain firms like Eureka Trading, Orion Protocol, LTO Network, and Matic.

10) Partners: A project is as strong as its partners. DAO Maker has reputable partnerships with Alchemy Pay, PAID Network, TRON Network, Rainforest Foundation, and Alliance Block.

Ending Thoughts

DAO Maker is the first to enable retail investors to participate in global venture capital. Additionally, the platform offers a plethora of services to meet the increasing demands of DeFi projects. Its native coin, DAO, runs the complete ecosystem of DAO Maker, which puts it under the category of essential assets to include in an investment portfolio.

As the blockchain world continues to disrupt the legacy industries, we will see the platform garnering more attention due to being a one-stop shop for all marketing, tokenomics, and community needs.

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