In the upcoming bull market, picking the right altcoins means a lot. Many altcoins will make stellar returns. Yet, there are also many that won’t have any positive price action at all.

So, what are the altcoins on our radar for 2024? Let’s dive into them right now.

Coin #1 – $PUNDIX

The first of the top altcoins on our radar for 2024 is PundiX (Token: $PUNDIX). PundiX is a cross-border payment solutions project. Its main solution, XPOS, does just that. XPOS provides a payment hardware solution for merchants and business owners. Its token, $PUNDIX, facilitates cross-border transactions on the XPOS network.

The PundiX team has established many partnerships on both the crypto and merchant ends. In the crypto space, they’re partnered with Polygon. And for merchants using PundiX, they include Verifone, Ingenico, and Ultra Taiwan.

Moreover, $PUNDIX has all of its token supply circulating. This means that there is low inflation and sell pressure. With these points, $PUNDIX is a good mid-cap project we’re watching.

Coin #2 – $ML

Second of the top altcoins on our radar for 2024 is Mintlayer (Token: $ML). Mintlayer is a Bitcoin sidechain project. It aims to improve:

  • Direct token interoperability.
  • DeFi.
  • Tokenization.
  • Value transfers and exchanges.

To add on, Mintlayer has improved security and privacy features compared to Ethereum. Its native token $ML has the following use cases:

  • Staking/Governance.
  • Fees for exclusive features within the protocol (E.G. Tokenization).

All in all, Mintlayer is a promising project. It positions itself in a very hot narrative. I.E The Bitcoin Layer 2 category. With its potential use cases, we’re watching Mintlayer closely.

Coin #3 – $LILA

Next of the top altcoins on our radar for 2024 is LiquidLayer (Token: $LILA). LiquidLayer is a PoW blockchain with an integrated Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) bridge. As a Layer 1 (L1) blockchain, it plans to support a high Transactions Per Second (TPS). All while ensuring decentralization and security.

In a nutshell, it aims to propel other PoW blockchains as well with its EVM compatibility, and via its bridge solution. Its token, $LILA, is used for transaction fees, staking, governance, DeFi and rewarding miners.

Furthermore, LiquidLayer has a well-thought-out roadmap and tokenomics. However, it’s a low market cap project. Despite its strong ambitions, it needs to show more in its development. Hence, we’re keeping an eye on this promising project.

Coin #4 – $ALPH

Another one of the top altcoins on our radar for 2024 is Alephium (Token: $ALPH). Alephium is an L1 project that utilizes the following main technologies:

  • A unique sharding algorithm – BlockFlow.
  • A Direct-Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure.
  • A unique Proof-of-Less-Work (PoLW) consensus.

In short, the above helps Alephium achieve greater scalability and adoption. Aside from having a strong blockchain, Alephium supports smart contracts as well. It does this with its Virtual Machine (VM), Alphred, and programming language, Ralph. Its token, $ALPH, serves as an incentive and transaction token.

Alephium has shown strong development since its birth. To date, it has a mobile wallet, a bridge, Software Development Kit (SDK) improvements, and much more. Based on its technology and growth, the future of Alephium seems bright. With that, it’s one that we’re keeping a sharp eye out for.

Coin #5 – $API3

Last, but not least, of our altcoins on our radar for 2024 is API3 (Token: $API3). API3 is an Oracle project which aims to provide real-world data to Web3 projects. It’s currently active on 16 of the most popular blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Its main product, dAPIs, get its data feed directly from the source without middlemen. This ensures the accuracy of the data. Its native token, $API3, is used for payments within the network and for governance.

With its proven product that’s widely used, the $API3 token shows promise. Therefore, we’re keeping an eye out for this project too!


That wraps up the 5 altcoins that we’re watching! To re-cap, these altcoins on our radar for 2024 are $PUNDIX, $ML, $LILA, $ALPH and $API3. Each of these has its own strengths and narratives. If these projects keep on growing, we believe its token’s price action will follow too.

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