Top 5 Projects With a +50X Return Funded by Binance Labs

Binance Labs helps blockchain start-ups and projects. They fund these new projects. Being funded by them gives you a head start. Binance Labs also does its due diligence. They don’t take on any and all projects. So, once you make it into their Lab, you’re in good hands. 

So, let’s take a look into projects that did +50 times returns after Binance Labs funded them. The picture below shows part of their portfolio and heatmap. 

Binance Labs

Source: Chainbroker

1) Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is an all-time favorite project here at Altcoin Buzz. This year they have been on fire with a constant stream of new partnerships. And some high-quality ones to boost. We wrote quite a few articles about Polygon.

In the Binance Labs heatmap, it’s in pole position with an x248 at a current MATIC price of $0.6389. At its ATH of $2.92, this ROI was an x1123. This was in December 2021. The runner-up project is currently miles away, with a 78.5x ROI.

Polygon is a layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum. It handles the shortcomings of Ethereum. For example, Polygon offers fast and low costs transactions. Other features are, for instance:

Binance Labs
Source: zkEVM website
2) The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is one of the first metaverses that went live. It’s a platform that also offers gaming experiences. You can create your own games and voxel art. It also offers a marketplace. Their native token is SAND

The Sandbox has an ROI of 78.7x. That’s at the current SAND price of $0.3860. During its ATH of $8.40, back in November 2021, the ROI was 1680x. As a result, The Sandbox is also often featured in our website articles.

The team keeps active during this bear market. So, currently, the team is busy with, for example,

We also expect blockchain gaming to make a comeback during the next bull run. The following video explains what you can do with your LAND NFTs.

3) Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is one of the most successful blockchain games to date. It launched back in 2018. From a Binance Labs return perspective, it did a 63.1x. That’s at a current AXS price of $4.91. During the ATH in November 2021 of $164.90, this ROI was 2061x.

In the game, you need a set of cute monsters, the Axies, in the form of NFTs. Besides playing opponents, you can also breed your Axies. Axie Infinity stood at the cradle of the Play-to-Earn or P2E movement. However, the game has evolved in many ways and is ready for the next blockchain gaming bull run. The following video shows an explanation of Homeland Season 2.

4) MultiversX (EGLD)

You may know MultiversX as Elrond. In November 2022, they rebranded and merged everything Elrond into MultiversX. It has smart contracts and is ready to take on the challenge for its market share. This means, taking on Ethereum or Solana and the like. For example, it’s fast, with 15,000 TPS (transactions per second). It can also scale with ease. So, a project to take a closer look at.

It did a 61.8x at the current price of EGLD of $30.52. However, if we look at its ATH of $545.64 in November 2021, that would mean a 1091x. The project is now going full-on into the metaverse. For this, they use three main super apps that will power the project.

  1. xFabric – A sovereign blockchain module with core blockchain applications. 
  2. xPortal – The metaverse portal, where your avatar lives. It also hosts all the financial features of the project. For instance, debit cards.
  3. xWorlds – A network of interoperable metaverses. 

The following video gives a short explanation of xPortal.


STEPN combines lifestyle with Social-Fi and Game-Fi. It started the Move-to-Earn or M2E movement. You can buy one of their NFT shows and join the movement. Every step you make, counts. Whether you run, walk, or jog, that doesn’t matter. STEPN calls Solana it’s home.

For Binance Labs, the project did a 39.4x. That’s with a current GMT price of $0.1927. In April 2022, it saw its ATH at $4.11. At that moment, the ROI was 822x.

We wrote an extensive explanation of how to join and play this game. However, there’s also a short video explanation.


We looked at the top 5 projects funded by Binance Labs that had a 50x return. These are Polygon with 248x, The Sandbox at 78.7x, Axie Infinity at 63.1x, MultiversX with 61.8x, and STEPN a 39.4x. However, during their respective ATHs, they all did well over 1000x. Except for STEPN, which made it to a respectable 822x.

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