StrongNode is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology company and innovation lab. They are focused on designing the future of digital connectivity.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the StrongNode AMA session on our Telegram channel. He was joined by Daniel Saito, the CEO of StrongNode. The AMA took place on September 23rd, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Daniel Saito to understand the company recently. The AMA was in three segments; introduction, deep dive, and community question & answer.

Segment 1: Introduction

Q – Tell us about yourself. What’s your background, and how did you come up with the idea of Strong Node?

Hello, Altcoin Buzz community. My name is Daniel Saito, and I am the CEO and Co-founder of StrongNode. I started computing at age eight and haven’t stopped since. An active entrepreneur started two ISPs in both the USA and Japan. I had launched two 🚀 & two 🛰 into space before it was fantastic. I have been in technology for as long as I can remember.

Also, I am a 7x entrepreneur; I have started various businesses around the world. I have ridden each technology revolution from the Personal Computer debut, the start of the internet, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, mobile, social, and now Crypto/blockchain.

Therefore, I designed the 4G specification around how to interface the “Security Enclave” (TPM) on all current-day cellphones. And, of course, my billion-dollar exit with MySQL to Sun Microsystems, only to sell it again for $7.5B to Oracle Corp.

Q – So, how old is Strong Node? We know you are very proud of your team. Tell us more about some of the critical members of your team.

StrongNode as a DAO was relatively recent within this past year. As for the technology and the preplanning was in the works from a lifetime of working towards one’s dream. I wanted to reach as many people as possible using TCP/IP technology. Therefore, be able to create a system where any of the network collaborators can be compensated. Technology finally caught up with the sandstorm of chaos IRL.

Last year wasn’t any joke, and now we have a pandemic on our hands. We went to our clientele and saw what keeps them up at night.  We noticed that the cost of computing has gone up, these cloud providers have a foothold on us, and they know it. With that said, we had to develop a solution to look inwards of what is available. As a result,  we noticed that we already had the blueprint in front of us in the form of Open Source here.

We are on a mission to power companies globally through the next generation of edge networking. This would be possible by a trifecta of computing resources and leveraging new blockchain technologies. In return, you get rewarded in StrongNode tokens ($SNE) when you lend your network and compute resources.

These resources are then harnessed to process some of the world’s challenging computing problems.  For example, Offering cost-effective compute resources for genome sequencing analysis for COVID. We are working on “Computing with a Purpose.”

Bitcoin’s increasing energy consumption has triggered a passionate debate about the sustainability of digital currency. We want to introduce the concept of GREEN MINING. As StrongNode tries to tackle Green Mining, we want to make “Computing for a Purpose” a reality.  Due to the recent pandemic, people have been shuttered in their homes. This was no different. Here we take a stand and try to solve the world’s problem one problem at a time!  Made with love for the NEW Normal.

Q – Can you tell us a bit about your All-Star Team?

The StrongNode core executive team consists of 12 (+13 back office) extraordinarily passionate and dedicated people with 20+ years of diverse experience. Some are the biggest names in various industries, establishing foundational technologies and closing $1B+ exits.

The people behind StrongNode are outstanding, as I have had the honor of working with them in the past.  My CTO is Colin Charles, with who I have had the pleasure of working over the past decade.  He was an early employee of RedHat Linux and took it public.  We think we know a thing or two when it comes to open-source, and now, we have token economics on our side to help innovate.

Zivago Lee is my grade school friend of 35+ years who oversaw ticketing infrastructure for the Beijing Olympics. He also operates all fleet management at FORD Motors, especially network and infrastructure. Finally, Gil Bashan, who heads our product as CPO, comes from Adobe and has decades of product management experience.

Carmen Campo is the team’s, Chief Marketing Officer. She has been the Director of Corporate Communications at LDJ Capital. Also, she has overseen Media Operations for The Soho Loft Media Group for more than ten years, working with companies like Bloomberg and Forbes. She previously worked for global brands Gap Inc and Intertek. Lionel Iruk serves as the Chief Legal Officer. With over 12 years of experience, his legal practice focuses on international business compliance, corporate tax, and others.

Zivago Lee is VP of Technical Operations, with over 20 years of experience in systems engineering and node network operations. He worked for SoftAware Network Inc., Zynga, and currently operates for SPIN Scooters, a Ford subsidiary. Evan Kubes is the team’s VP of Esports Management. He is the President of Rumble Gaming and co-founder of MKM Group, a law firm dedicated to esports. Completing the core team, retired US Air Force Major Brandon Sivret is the VP for Community Operations. He is the co-founder of Silver Sun Systems and an executive officer for military gamers.

We have recent hires that have been the former EVP at Electronic Arts. Those professionals will oversee Marketing activities and a CFO who is a Harvard / Wharton Grad. This last one has worked as an auditor for a leading fortune 500 firms. So, I built an ALLSTAR team of technologists and marketers, and finance operatives.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

Q – I can see you are using the term Edge Networking. So what exactly is Edge Networking?

Yes, remember the image of an iceberg that only shows the tip, and what’s underneath the iceberg is massive.  We are tapping into that gigantic.

For example, Ani, how many digital devices do you have around you within your visual.

Ani: Approximately 4

Daniel: Are you effectively using all four devices?

Ani: Not really, only this laptop, using which I am chatting with you.

Daniel: Right, so effectively I would assume you have the other three charging in the wall and sucking energy inadvertently.

It doesn’t need to be like that now, with StrongNode while you are plugged in and connected to wi-fi.  Our system would detect this and start utilizing your idle resource and allowing you to farm and earn $SNE tokens.

Install and forget business model, if Axie Infinity taught us, play to earn model. We will teach install it and forget it, earn tokens while you Netflix and chill.

Q – So, effortlessly, can you please explain to me the various components and features of the Edge Node product? How can a Business or a Retail Customer use it? Is it available right now, or do we need to wait?

You need to wait. We are still developing both the commercial side of things, the community side, and the product side.  It is all a coordinated effort.

But technology, fortunately, is the easiest part of the whole equation. We see StrongNode as two products: StrongNode as an APP and StrongNode as a token $SNE. We found a problem and created a solution behind it.  When COVID broke out, genetic sequencing labs were backed up in sequencing and processing lab results for various strains.  They were also backed up in computing workflows.

We worked with them to create a solution around this, and subsequently, we are weeks away from an IDO.   They can use our $SNE token to offload they are computing workloads off of centralized solutions and process on the EDGE.  The folks who want to harvest and mine these data blocks and receive $SNE need to participate, give their resources, and passively make income.

Our project is open to novice to über developers as our project strives to be open source. We hope to work by installing and onboarding our User Registration to StrongNodeID, and we get you started.

We utilize the consumers’ latent resources from your PC / MAC / LINUX [environment] (CPU, bandwidth, storage) and use it for a batch processing cluster using the map/reduce method of sorting jobs and processing it with the $SNE token economic incentive to participate both as a broadcaster and a receiver. The solution was designed with security in mind.

Also, we will be bringing all these idle resources [CPU and GPU cycles, Bandwidth, and Data Storage] available on our network.  But don’t expect to be open to being online on DAY 1.  Building up these resources will take time, and there will be a moment on the network where we will have enough resources to have 99.999% uptime.  But this will take time for us to achieve – underpromise, overdeliver.

Q – How does blockchain come into the picture? Which blockchain do you plan to use and for what cause?

At StrongNode, we are working to be blockchain agnostic. A few things to share: We are releasing on POLYGON due to the recent usage and projects that are popping up in the ecosystem (still early, but not as bad).  Yes, speed, versatility, scalability, and gas fees are critical considerations of choosing a suitable chain.  POLYGON is like that.

Also, we considered BSC, but we found that the ecosystem is instead tainted with a lot of noise. I would say the versatility is excellent because of the portability of the contract (with minor adjustments, of course). Documentation is pretty straightforward.

But this is our launching pad. We will then move on to other chains like SOLANA. New chains come with unique challenges, like Solana uses RUST (luckily, I love RUST).  The implementation of how they handle nodes is excellent, and we can see a future there more long term as long as they get their shit together (e.g., last week network reset doesn’t sit well with me).

But we will eventually try different chains, but each chain adoption brings new security vectors that open up. So we will put a lot of those data points into consideration when scaling out to other chains.

Q – What have been the key achievements of the company to date?

Many milestones made up this venture to this date. First and foremost, I think that attracting the talent behind such endeavor and being unified in a vision of creating a vast network that reaches and helps millions. Build a working business around it and have the employees reap the rewards.

We choose to do the same as that seems to be a recipe for success. The creation of the innovation lab was a genius model for our plan to get scaled out where we will incubate future projects with great leaders/entrepreneurs behind each team, as they will use the StrongNode infrastructure in a forced adoption model and help us grow.

Of course, getting oversubscribed in our financing as a team was a significant milestone, although we knew it would get financed.  We took a different approach in getting this financed, taking a different approach to get StrongNode financed. Our project was funded by our enterprise end customers and sold them our token.

Therefore, we are seasoned entrepreneurs that know that in a start-up, you need revenue. If the business cannot self-sustain itself, it would not be a viable business. This also applies to cryptocurrency-based projects.

The (problem/solution) that the product is serving needs to account for its revenue base and not rely on the token’s price to pay for the ongoing of the business (NOTE: it can lead to a certain extent).

Q – What is the go-to-market strategy? Does the project have any partnerships or connections that can help you expedite this process and increase your chances of success?

The marketing team had me doing two three AMAs a day as communicating to the Crypto community. This is necessary to grow our community. The team and I are having a blast doing these AMAs. These AMAs allow us to reach users and communities sharing the same passion and make meaningful connections and conversations. So let’s open up the question from this great community.

As for partnership, business development has been going on overdrive. They have been gun-slinging deals left-right and center. We have made our partnership with and, who will help us launch the $SNE token to the world.

A natural fit for the POLYGON chain is partnering with the folks at QUICK SWAP as they will be our liquidity provider and utilize their farms with StrongNode. Our recent partnership with Xfinite was announced on NewsBTC recently. So expect a lot more announcements from StrongNode after our IDO.

Q – Coming to the IDO, tell us more. What is your total supply vs. your TGE Supply? What will be your TGE Market Cap, and above all, how can we participate in your IDO?

We have also partnered with QUICK SWAP for our liquidity pooling partner, to be made available from IDO DAY 1. Additionally, our User Registration (KYC) will come online next week, Register online, and earn future $SNE tokens at the time of the IDO.

For example, 2% of the supply will be sold $300K raise (200M tokens will help circulation at $0.0015). What makes this interesting is that we have a reflected code that taxes all transactions in our token.  All these transactions build up a tax reserve. This reserve of funds is separated to the devs/ops, token buyback, and creation of a SAFU fund to ensure your funds are safe in the event of a catastrophic economic attack on our AMM farms.

Join us for our IDO and get to know more about the process of whitelisting yourself to participate through this link.

Segment 3: Community Question and Answer
Q. Telegram – Is Your Project available for the global people or limited to some areas? If it’s globally available, are you guys planning to introduce it globally?

Yeah, we are actively doing AMAs every day. Please join us as we are focusing our marketing activities on developing nations first.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Daniel Saito, Strong Node CEO, for taking part in the AMA session on September 23rd on our Telegram channel.

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