Cardano Summit 2021

The Cardano Summit is a hybrid-virtual conference that takes place across all continents between September 25th-26th. Experts, innovators, and special guests are attending Cardano Summit 2021, which is their “best,” according to IOHK. The event takes place in person in London, Miami, Berlin, Cape Town, Wyoming, and New York.

Today at the Cardano Summit 2021, the Cardano Foundation has announced some critical partnerships. These partnerships will help the Cardano blockchain gain more adoption and use.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation said:

“Our new ecosystem partners will help us accomplish our vision by addressing a variety of concerns and possibilities that are at the forefront of global society today, such as climate change, NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi), and digital identification.”

In this article, we will give you a summary of the first day of this important Summit.

Cardano Partnered with Dish

The most significant partnership on the first day of Cardano Summit 2021 is with a Fortune 250 company, Dish Network.

Dish Network was an early adopter of cryptocurrency as well, adopting Bitcoin as early as 2014. With the cooperation with Cardano, they have continued their forward-thinking approach to blockchain technology.

With over 19 million consumers, Dish is one of the significant Telecom providers, giving users complete control over their accounts.

Therefore, the Cardano Foundation and Dish will collaborate to provide digital identities (DIDs) on phones to eight million Dish customers. They will be the first to have this feature in the $1.3 trillion telecom industry.

As a result, overlapping identities, data capacity are just a few recognized examples by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson of how the relationship can add value.

Finally, the Dish Network is one of the first public companies to use blockchain technology. Partnerships like these have the potential to change the entire telecom industry model. Despite the difficulties of implementing blockchain, Dish users will be able to connect to the Cardano network. This will be done without the need for any centralized organization.

Cardano Partnered with Veritree

Due to its low energy consumption, Cardano is already referred to as a “green” blockchain in the mainstream. Therefore, the Cardano Foundation is taking it a step further by leveraging the expertise of the Climate Neutral Cardano group stake pools. This will establish an exclusive partnership with Veritree to restore our planet through transparent, immutable, and auditable reforestation data.

Veritree is a company that uses blockchain to deliver a solid and transparent integrated planting management platform. Their main goal is to support worldwide restoration initiatives for tree planting organizations. The Veritree platform offers SaaS, sustainability as a service, assisting organizations in joining the sustainability revolution. Also, in weaving positive impacts into their business model.

Therefore, all givers will be able to see all the details about the plating strategy. This is achieved by combining easy access to a blockchain tool, local community engagement, and remote sensing.

Cardano Partnered with Rival

Today, Cardano Foundation has announced a partnership with esports giant Rival. Rival is a first-of-its-kind business platform that enables businesses to take advantage of the gaming industry. They help companies to get new customers. Also, they help to increase engagement, establish a loyal community, and generate new revenue streams.

Also, Rival integrates sports teams and media assets with the massive worldwide gaming audience through its patented technology.

On the other hand, Cardano will provide NFT marketplaces, fan rewards strategies, and more for Rival as part of this partnership.

Finally, Rival’s clients include the National Football League’s (NFL) Seattle Seahawks, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Detroit Pistons, and the English Premier League’s (EPL) Aston Villa and Watford.

Cardano Partnered with UBX

Cardano has also partnered with UBX to increase on-chain DeFi activity. UBX is UnionBank of the Philippines’ financial technology venture studio and fund. It envisions a future in which financial services are invisible: smoothly integrated into experiences and activities that matter most to businesses and people.

UBX has created its own Cardano-based public stake pool. Their goal is to help protect and maintain the Cardano blockchain, UBX stakers can now earn rewards on their ADA.

Cardano Partnered with AID: tech.

Cardano also announced its support for AID: tech. A company that uses blockchain to provide identity-based solutions for finance, payments, and insurance. Cardano will provide technical guidance to the AID: Tech team. They are developing verifiable credentials for trusted identity management and ownership.

Therefore, as part of the collaboration, they will enable customers and consumers to process payments in a reliable process with large volumes of transactions.

AID: Tech is a Web 3.0 technology company that uses blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It has received numerous awards from organizations such as Citi, the IMF, and the Dubai government. The company has offices in Singapore and Dublin and collaborates with governmental, institutional, and private partners worldwide. Its vision is to provide Digital ID solutions that are as secure and privacy-focused as possible.

Cardano Partnered with Chainlink

In addition to these four significant partnerships, the Cardano Foundation announced one more collaboration with Chainlink. With the Chainlink partnership, Cardano wants to help their developers to build smart contracts for secure DeFi applications.

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