The crypto market is mostly a battlefield of projects seeking to outdo others. But Cosmos has a different approach. Rather than focusing on competition, Cosmos (ATOM) focuses on community.

It doesn’t focus on winning, coming out as the best blockchain, or even getting noticed. Let’s review about Cosmos blockchain first.

What does Cosmos Bring to the Crypto industry?

Cosmos aims to improve the entire blockchain industry through a variety of distinctive protocols that unite the sector. So, we can call Cosmos a network of blockchain networks. It simply wants to help different blockchain platforms communicate easily. Also, Cosmos can turn market friction into a constructive driving force for progress by enabling any blockchain to interact, share data, and transact with any other. 

Cosmos operates beyond being a bridge for blockchain services. It provides a wide range of products and services that distinguish it from competing platforms on the market.

Interestingly, despite Comos’s unique technology and use cases, it appears to have been relegated to the background. Not many people consider ATOM a worthy investment. However, Twitter user Emperor Osmo shared a few reasons everyone should consider adding ATOM to their portfolios. 

Osmo points out that Cosmos has undergone recent developments that position it as a project to watch out for in the upcoming bull run. Here are some reasons to hold ATOM:

1) Native liquidity 

If you’ve been in DeFi for a while, you’d know how important this is. It creates a seamless flow of activities on a network. Recently, $USDT was extended to Kava Chain. The movement strengthens Tether’s dominance as a leading stablecoin provider and also introduces new native liquidity on Cosmos.

In addition, different native chains plan to introduce more native liquidity to Cosmos. Chains like Agoric, whose goal is to scale their algorithmic stablecoin $IST. So, native liquidity on Cosmos is pretty guaranteed.

2) Increased Interoperability

IBC plans to extend its influence beyond the Cosmos ecosystem. It plans to branch into ecosystems like Polkadot, Near, and Avalanche. This increased interoperability will profit both regular users and builders. It will improve communication and the development of applications.

Furthermore, this could result in increased liquidity flow between ecosystems.

3) Security

Appchains can secure and control their blockspace. So, by leveraging the different economic zones, Cosmos can provide new or prominent chains with security in an economically friendly way. There are lots of security initiatives currently deployed and in development on Cosmos. Some include:

  • Babylon Chain: It seeks to bring $BTC security to POS chains.
  • Cosmos and Interchain Security.
  • Osmosis Zone.

These solutions will make Comos more effective, secure, cost-friendly, and scalable. 

4) Toknenomics upgrade

Cosmos tokens have experienced a significant shift in recent times. The focus has shifted from high APR returns to real yield. For instance, Osmosis Zone recently implemented a change to its $OSMO token.

Osmos is often seen as the liquidity hub of Cosmos. However, the network recently initiated some proposals to address inflation and underperforming liquidity pools, among other problems. 

Similarly, $ATOM, the largest Cosmos token by market cap, recently proposed some initiatives to push the value back to holders and stakers. Some of the considered areas include

  • Reducing inflation.
  • Protocol-owned liquidity.
  • Improving ICS value.
  • Expanding Subdaos.
  • Growing the Community Pool.

5) Interchain business development

Most blockchain ecosystems do not have business development efforts. If they do, they are fragmented at best, with isolated attempts to increase market share. However, different partnerships support the growth and expansion of the Cosmos ecosystem. So this makes it a valuable project to invest in. 

Here are other reasons to consider investing in Comos:

  • Increased Composability
  • The launch of new applications on Cosmos.

Most of these applications have long-term value in sight. So, the Comos ecosystem will be pretty busy in the coming months.

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