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Expert Opinion - Are We in a Bull Market, Bear or Correction?

Experts’ Opinion – Are We in a Bull Market?

In the summer of 2021, bitcoin and the entire crypto market experienced a heavy price pull-back. It sure made the entire crypto market flinch...

Analyzing 2019 So Far: Are We In A Bull Market?

Are we in a bull market? Depending on where you entered the market, you probably have different feelings about that question. No matter what...

Stock Market Crash Will Lead to Crypto Bull Market

Today, after a big drop in the price of Bitcoin, dragging the whole market down with it, most of the cryptocurrencies show deep red...

Will Nasdaq Bring Back The Bull Market?

In 2017 the large build up in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was due to the promise of legitimacy with the upcoming futures markets....
crypto bear market

Crypto Bull or Bear Market? A Comparison of 2018, 2020, and 2022.

Bear Market it’s a scary phrase that doesn’t just mean downward prices. It means we don’t know how far down they will go and...

BULLISH! Crypto Markets Gains $21 Billion in 48 Hours as Bitcoin Tests $3,800!

It's funny how fast things can turn around in this space, and maybe that is why crypto is such an interesting market. Not even...

The Crypto Market In Australia, Bullish Stance

When most people think of the land down under, they envision an island covered in deadly snakes and spiders, surrounded by an ocean filled...
Is Bitcoin Near The Bottom of The Bear Market?

Is Bitcoin Near The Bottom of The Bear Market?

We, the 'crypto natives', often speak about long-term and short-term holders. Yes, we are talking about diamonds and weak hands. But an important question...
how long the bear market will last

How Long Will This Bear Market Last? Three Factors to Consider

Every one of you is asking the question we are going to discuss today. How long is this bear market going to last? In...
How the Bear Market Affected Crypto Exchanges

How the Bear Market Affected Crypto Exchanges

The crypto market frequently uses comparisons to bears and bulls to indicate the market's condition. A bull will usually raise its horns upward when...