XCAD — Is this the Perfect Crypto Bull Market Altcoin?

There are many ways of making money in crypto. You can trade, game, be active, or with NFTs. But have you heard of SocialFi? This is bound to be big during the next bull run. Now, XCAD is big in the SocialFi space. What’s more, it lets you earn a passive income in the easiest way possible. 

There’s no need to go out and run or something. Like in Move-2-Earn. No, the only thing you have to do is watch YouTube videos. You can join the Watch-2-Earn revolution. XCAD is the real pioneer for this. Check the earlier video I made about them.

How about 2.1 billion active YouTube users? Can you see the massive potential? Some of the biggest YouTube influencers have. They have invested in XCAD, like Mr. Beast, and also KSI.

What Is XCAD?

XCAD Network is a platform that’s active on YouTube. Or rather, you need to be active on YouTube. 

It’s a fan token and NFT platform. Some of the biggest content creators in the world are part of the platform. If you know Chiliz, you have a reference. However, XCAD is not about football clubs and their fans, instead, it’s for YouTubers.

It allows fans to get closer to their favorite creators. At the same time, creators can grow by having more fans. So, the fans, who are Web2 users, watch their fave creators’ videos on YouTube. Here’s the connection between Web2 and Web3. 

In return, they receive the creator’s token. You only need to download the XCAD plugin. This helps the creators by improving their position with the YouTube algorithm. It works, like air miles, as a loyalty scheme. The amount of creator tokens you receive depends on the amount of XCAD tokens you hold. The more, the merrier. 

As a fan, you can redeem the tokens for meet and greets, or a back-follow on Instagram. You can only buy the perks, with the creator tokens. Now, to get the creator tokens, you need XCAD. So, there’s a continuous demand for the XCAD token.

More About XCAD

Hundreds of creators already take part, and together account for 750+ million subscribers. Now, all these YouTubers already have their own token. It’s in their interest to promote their tokens, so this is constantly happening.

XCAD can also boast some serious backers. As already mentioned, KSI and Mr. Beast have invested. And let’s face it. If Mr. Beast is going to talk about XCAD to his millions of subscribers, you can’t get more marketing clout online than that.

And more will join and buy XCAD too. Furthermore, there’s also Zilliqa and Jump Trading. The latter also invested in Chiliz. They reached a $4 billion market cap. This could mean that the XCAD token could increase by 100x if it reaches the same market cap.

The Future for XCAD

Amidst the growing interest in SocialFi, XCAD stands out. For example, it can already boast a whole ecosystem. As I already mentioned, I expect SocialFi to do well during the coming bull run. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. So, let’s take a look at XCAD’s ecosystem. We have, for example:

  • dXCAD Dex: Here, among others, you can trade your XCAD tokens. It also has a pool and staking option.
  • Influencer market cap: This is like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. You can track and analyze creator tokens.
  • XCAD Plug-In and mobile app: Watch YouTube, earn rewards, swap tokes, buy perks.
  • XCAD governance portal: You can propose or vote on important changes. It’s a decentralized platform.
  • Launchpad: Here the creators can launch their tokens. This happens with a Creator Liquidity Offering (CLO). This requires around 50,000 XCAD on average. In other words, that’s 7.5m XCAD locked up from 150 creators. That’s around 20% of their current circulating supply.

However, there are still another 30,000 YouTubers with at least 1 million subscribers. What if they start to find their way towards XCAD? This shows another massive potential upside for the platform.

The XCAD token launched on the DAO Maker DEX. However, during the recent bear market, it held its value. That’s partially due because the team kept building during the bear market. This makes them the best-performing asset that ever launched on DAO Maker.

The XCAD Roadmap

So, there’s a lot happening at XCAD. One thing that stands out is their roadmap.  The biggest news is the launch of their V2 ecosystem. The three focus points are:

  1. Users buying perks, that’s you and me.
  2. YouTuber promotion.
  3. A new SocialFi app. 

This new SocialFi app works like Friendtech. However, it combines Web2 and Web3 creators. So, potentially, it reaches more users. Furthermore, FriendTech doesn’t have a native token. Here, XCAD has a lot of potential if it can reach the same volume as FriendTech. 

XCAD’s new SocialFi app runs on the BNB chain. However, instead of using BNB, it already has its own native token. This should create even more demand for the XCAD token. The new SocialFi app could launch next month, in December. 

Major YouTubers are about to start promoting the V2 ecosystem. This should happen in late Q4-2023 or in Q1-2024. There will also be the launch of an L2 chain. Each creator will be their own app. How cool is that? You will need the XCAD token for gas fees. All gas fees are burned, so XCAD will be deflationary.

Now, each creator that launches their token, will do so with a CLO on the launchpad. However, the liquidity doesn’t go to the creator. Instead, it gets locked in liquidity. This makes the token even more scarce and deflationary. So, we see a lot of action happening in the XCAD Network. 

  • YouTubers with 750 million subs will issue their tokens and promote them.
  • The CHZ token reached a high market cap during the last bull run. But, keep in mind, that football clubs didn’t and don’t promote the fan tokens. However, the YouTubers will.
  • An L2 chain is coming up.
  • V2 is launching soon. This will drive volume, users, and demand.

XCAD is ready for the bull run, and SocialFi will be in the driver’s seat.

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