Top 20 Free Crypto Tools

Crypto tools are a must if you’re investing in crypto. These tools help you to navigate the tricky crypto landscape. Today, we’re going to discuss 4 out of a list of 20 free tools.

Tools that can help stretch your gains and reduce your losses. Without further ado, let us dive straight into these below!

1) CoinStats

First on the list of free crypto tools is CoinStats. Coinstats is a portfolio tracker for DeFi users. Its Decentralized Application (dApp) also tracks NFTs as well. So if you’ve got NFTs across multiple blockchains, do try out its dApp.

As of now, CoinStats’ dApp is available on the following platforms:

  • Apple App Store.
  • Mac App Store.
  • Google Play Store.

Feel free to download from the correct platform from its website. With CoinStats, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of all your crypto investments. Hence, you won’t lose your coins by forgetting them on a lesser-used chain or dApp. Moreover, you can make better-informed decisions on your trades too.

2) Crypto Fees

Next on our list of free crypto tools is Crypto Fees. This website tracks the fees earned for a total of 43 most-used blockchains or dApps. You can view this fee data in a daily or 7-day average fee window.

Crypto Tools - Crypto Fees
Source: Crypto Fees

As you can see above, Crypto Fees’ User Interface (UI) is very simple. At a glance, you can find out which blockchains or dApps are earning the most revenue from their fees. In turn, this could be a representation of how popular a project is. But, do note that fees paid should not be the only gauge you use to determine a project’s popularity. There are some other factors to consider, such as social media engagement, inflows, and so forth.

3) Nansen

Third on the list of free crypto tools today is Nansen. Nansen is a powerful tool made for on-chain investors. Its main features include:

  • Portfolio Management. Aside from your own wallet, you can snoop on other addresses too!
  • Research. Nansen posts its insights based on data and trends on its blog.
  • Nansen 2. This new interface allows you to search for anything crypto-related. Then, Nansen 2 will answer your query. Think of it like a “Google” for crypto. Nansen 2 also provides real-time alerts when on-chain events occur.

Despite its many features, Nansen is simple to use. Do note that Nansen has paid plans for its users. But, for starters, you could try to use its free plan and get used to its platform first.

4) ReveloIntel

Last for today on our free crypto tools list is ReveloIntel. Now, this project is all about research. In a nutshell, by using its free plan, you gain access to its large base of research. These come in the form of:

  • Analyst Insights. In short, these are reports on thought processes about anything crypto-related.
  • Snapshots. Simply put, these are reports on a crypto asset’s financial performance.
  • Project Breakdowns. These are deep dives into crypto projects and their fundamentals.

On top of the above, you’re getting free access to its daily newsletter and telegram too! In summary, it’s really a no-brainer here. Do sign up for its free plan here. As we already know, information is key to succeeding in crypto. With ReveloIntel, you can get valuable research and analysis sent to you daily. Isn’t that great?


Voila! We’ve come to the end of today’s article! Next, stay tuned for the following parts of this article series. We haven’t come to the end yet for our full list of free crypto tools! Here you can read the first article.

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