Blockchains LLC, the Nevada based startup that plans on building an Ethereum city, acquires, a German company that has attempted to build an Ethereum computer in 2016. has stopped working on building new hardware, however, they are now focusing on developing Incubed; an ambitious project that will connect all sorts of devices to the blockchain. With this software client, the developers will be able to build their own Ethereum computer according to Incubed will also offer free community tools that support the development of smart contracts. The EDCC analyzer for Solidity was showcased by at Devcon 4, and its official release is planned for this month.

The amount paid by Blockchains LLC in order to acquire is unknown, however, we are aware of continuing its operation in Germany.

David Berns co-founder of Blockchains told Trustnodes:

“The acquisition of speeds up our development efforts, and with its signature product, Incubed, we believe Blockchains’ products will become the de facto solution for connecting IoT and smart devices to the blockchain.”

Regarding Blockchains LLC, the project is in the design phase at the moment of writing this article, however, some plans have been revealed last year by the company.

David also says:

“Nevada is proving itself to be blockchain friendly. In the current legislative session, there are four (4) bills being considered by lawmakers, which, if passed, would further position the Silver State as a welcoming destination for blockchain companies.”


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