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Forkast Report: NFTs Are Influencing Fundraising

Forkast Report: NFTs Are Influencing Fundraising

After many years as a minor blockchain concept, NFTs have emerged as a new asset class in the booming blockchain industry worth billions of...
Forkast NFT Challenges for the Future

Forkast Report: NFT Challenges for the Future

The popularity of NFTs keeps growing. However, this also brings along plenty of concerns. Environmental issues play up, but also concerns about a bubble...
Regulations in NFTs

Forkast Report: Regulations in NFTs

NFTs stay in the forefront of popularity. The trend that started in 2021 is carrying over to 2022. Among others, they are great tools...

Forkast Report: Asia Is Leading the Growth in NFTs

A common tendency in the NFT world is to see the behavior of the Asian market. All over the region, we see high adoption...
programmable NFTs

Forkast Report: Are Programmable NFTs the Future of Digital Assets?

The crypto market has enjoyed remarkable growth over the last year. Also, the crypto market has been home to several innovations, which have all...

Forkast Report: NFT Avatars, a Digital Revolution

NFT avatars are taking the digital world by a storm. The trend that started in 2021 keeps growing strong in 2022. NFT avatar projects...

Forkast Identifies NFT Trends in 2022

Digital creators were some of the biggest winners from the blockchain boom of 2021. The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened fresh layers...
TRON leading DeFi

How Did TRON Emerge as a Leader in DeFi?

On May 11th, 2022, the Terra ecosystem crumbled with the de-pegging of $UST. Its total value locked (TVL) fell from a high of $31.35...
immutable x review

Why Immutable X Could be The Next Big Thing in P2E Games?

Layer 2 solutions are the big thing currently in the crypto space. They are independent blockchains, built on top of Ethereum. We call them...
NFT IP Protected?

Are Your NFT Intellectual Property Rights Protected?

NFTs represent the digital ownership of an underlying piece of art recorded on the blockchain. The rising popularity of NFTs has led to many...