5 Coins to Make 20-50X in the Next Bull Run

It’s getting close to Christmas but it isn’t just the trees that’re green. The crypto market’s green too! And, it’s during these times that having knowledge is power. By putting your money in the right altcoins, you can maximize your gains. We’re going through 5 coins to make 20-50X in the upcoming bull run.

To do this, we’ll be using the Twitter thread below from Ronin. Without further ado, let’s begin with Coin #1.

Coin #1 – $KUJI

The first of the coins to make 20-50X is $KUJI. It’s the native token for Kujira, a decentralized economy. Kujira’s focus is on FinTech and DeFi. As a Layer 1 (L1) chain, developers can build their Decentralized Applications (dApps) on it.

Here, $KUJI serves as a network token and a mode of payment. Users can also choose to stake $KUJI to earn a share of revenue from Kujira.

At the moment, $KUJI has the potential to make good gains. First, it’s not a top 100 market cap coin yet. In short, it doesn’t have the mainstream media’s attention. Secondly, the Kujira team is constantly growing the project. Indeed, it’s one of the rare projects which survived the Terra collapse.

With such dedication, Kujira has what it takes to grow its user base. Thirdly, almost all of its token supply is circulating in the market. This reduces the risk of sell pressure on $KUJI holders.

In a nutshell, if Kujira continues its strong development and user adoption, we could see $KUJI make some huge gains soon. Assuming this continues, $KUJI could be a good entry in the $3 to $4 range. At this time of writing, $KUJI’s price is at $4.18.

Next, let us move on to Coin #2.

Coin #2 – $MCB

The second of the coins to make 20-50X is $MCB. This is the token for MUX protocol, an up-and-coming DeFi project. MUX’s focus is on the perpetuals trading niche. It’s the first-ever Perps aggregator. With this, it provides its users with:

  • Zero price impact.
  • Up to 100x leverage.
  • Access via multiple chains.
  • Security through self-custodial trading.

The $MCB token brings this all together too. By staking $MUX, you’re entitled to a share of protocol revenue and rewards.

With its growing user base and trading volume, MUX and its $MCB token look to do well. Furthermore, its perp trading dApp provides good features that benefit its users. We foresee that MUX could capture more market share in the future.

Hence, if our foresight is accurate, the $MCB token could see some gains. It had a small pump recently. But, a retrace below the $9 mark could present some good entries. Today, the price of $MUX stands at $12.23.

Now, let us dive into Coin #3.

Coin #3 – $AVAX

$AVAX is the native token for the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche is an L1 chain. It’s much faster than Ethereum with sub-second finality. Also, it’s cheaper to use with lower gas fees. Furthermore, it can host subnets, which are smaller chains on its network. Here, $AVAX serves as a transactional token. And, it is used for staking and in DeFi as well.

Despite the recent bear market, Avalanche has done well in its growth. Now, it’s well known for having a solid Real World Asset (RWA) and Gaming ecosystem.

If Avalanche keeps up with its pace, $AVAX could see greater gains into 2024. As of now, $AVAX is at $38.36. That’s 73% down from its All-Time High (ATH) price of $144.96. If $AVAX retraces further below $20, we see it as a great entry to secure a bag.

Here, let us segue into Coin #4.

Coin #4 – $PENDLE

Next of the coins to make 20-50X is $PENDLE, the main token for Pendle. To summarize, Pendle is a DeFi project that enables you to tokenize future yields. With Pendle, you can now bring your future yields into reality today via tokens. Using said tokens, you can further participate in DeFi, thus earning greater yields. To learn more about earning with Pendle, you can refer to our previous research here.

$PENDLE serves a unique purpose in the project. By staking it, you get voting rights on the direction of the project. You’ll also have a say in directing rewards to different pools. Lastly, you’ll receive a share of the revenue from the dApp too.

Pendle is a leader in the Liquid Staking Derivative Finance (LSDFi) narrative. This is a segment within crypto that has garnered much attention. Furthermore, the $PENDLE token links itself closely to the success of the Pendle dApp.

With the above two points, we feel that $PENDLE is a good coin to position into. It has the potential to achieve good gains if it maintains its lead in the LSDFi space.

Last but not least, we move on to Coin #5 in this list.

Coin #5 – $RLB

$RLB is the last of the coins to make 20-50X for today’s article. $RLB is the lifeblood of Rollbit, a leader in the crypto gambling sector. Rollbit runs its crypto casino online. It has a list of other neat features too, such as:

  • Futures trading with up to 1,000x leverage.
  • Sports betting.
  • NFT trading.

The $RLB token lies in the heart of Rollbit’s ecosystem. Aside from access to exclusive features, $RLB provides revenue share from its online casino too! Today, Rollbit has garnered lots of interest from online gamblers. On top of that, it’s consistently bringing in new games and features. This enables Rollbit to maintain its lead in the crypto gambling narrative.

And if this does happen, then $RLB could make significant gains in the future. Since it has retraced 40% from its recent ATH, its current price of $0.15 could be a good entry.


Today, we went through 5 coins to make 20-50X in the upcoming bull run. To recap, these are $KUJI, $MCB, $AVAX, $PENDLE, and $RLB. However, these are not the only coins that could emerge as winners. To learn more, stay tuned to our blog and check out Altcoin Buzz Alpha below!. This article was inspired by this tweet.

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