A Comprehensive Guide to CBRC-20 Tokens

The latest proposal-making wave is the CBRC-20 token standard. It is an initiative seeking to enhance the efficiency of exchanging tokens across Bitcoin. 

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of CBRC-20 and its unique features. Also, the potential it holds for traders, market makers, and the broader cryptocurrency community.

CBRC-20 Focus on Efficiency

The CBRC-20 token standard was introduced as a response to the challenges posed by its predecessor, the BRC-20 standard. Particularly in the context of market making. The BRC-20 standard has faced criticism for its perceived inefficiencies, including high transaction fees and complexities in the token issuance process.

CBRC-20 aims to address these concerns by providing a more cost-effective and streamlined alternative.

The heart of the CBRC-20 standard lies in the integration with the Ordinals protocol. This integration not only facilitates more efficient token issuance. This is achieved through optimizations in the token creation process, which is designed to enhance overall efficiency. Lower costs translate to greater accessibility for a wider range of participants in the cryptocurrency space, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant ecosystem.

More About CBRC-20 Tokens

The CBRC-20 token standard allows users to easily index their tokens, simplifying the tracking and management of different assets on the blockchain. Moreover, CBRC-20 empowers users by enabling them to add their enrollment images to the implementation functions of Ordinals. This will enhance customization and personalization within the protocol.

In a remarkably short period, the CBRC-20 token standard has gained traction, leading to the creation of numerous tokens within this niche. One such notable token is $BORD, the pioneer of the CBRC-20 standard. What sets $BORD apart is not only its adherence to the CBRC-20 standard but also its cost-effectiveness and improved features compared to traditional BRC-20 tokens.

$BORD, with its free minting and a capped supply of 21 million tokens, has become a symbol of the efficiency and accessibility that CBRC-20 brings to the table. This inaugural token exemplifies the potential for CBRC-20 to redefine token economics, providing a model that is both economically viable and user-friendly.


As the CBRC-20 standard gains momentum, it raises expectations for a more efficient and cost-effective future in token standards on the Bitcoin network. The proposed meta protocol, with its emphasis on lower costs, easier indexing, and enhanced customization, holds the promise of reshaping how tokens are issued, traded, and managed within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The unveiling of the CBRC-20 standard marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of token standards. CBRC-20 stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to efficiency, accessibility, and user empowerment. It remains to be seen how this new standard will shape the future of tokenization on the Bitcoin network. However, early indications suggest a positive and transformative impact.

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