Exploring A New Low Cap Gem With Huge Potencial

DIMO is a platform for vehicle owners to collect, use, and monetize the data generated by their cars.

With DIMO, users can establish a secure blockchain-based identity for themselves. Their vehicles, and their trips using NFTs. DIMO gives users control over their data. When writing this article, its marketcap is $48.8 million. Let’s discover more about this low-cap gem. You can discover more crypto gems by subscribing to Altcoin Buzz Alpha.

DIMO Analysis

DIMO has only 20% supply in circulation. Here are other important indicators:

  • Development: Satisfactory, Constantly pushing updates.
  • User Adoption: Has over 28000 unique users.
  • Liquidity: Satisfactory. Good volume in Coinbase.
  • Accessibility: Listed in multiple exchanges, Available on Coinbase and Quickswap (on Polygon).
  • Narrative: Infrastructure.

More Details About DIMO

Only 20% of tokens are in circulation and it’s a product-based business. Also, it has a high customer acquisition cost.

This is a low-cap gem, which means there are sufficient risks on the project. It is also not a long-term hold. We will use $300 and Quickswap on Polygon. Make sure you have some MATIC for fees. Use bridged USDC (USDC.e) for an optimized trading experience.

Our buy price – $0.25. So, we will also sell at various levels starting at 2x, 4x, etc.

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