Web3 Is Easy to Learn. Here's How

The concept of Web3 has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. It has become a buzzword in tech, crypto, and even the financial space. The world is constantly experiencing change. The internet is far from what it used to be a decade ago. Several modifications have taken place. As a result, it is safe to call the internet the greatest technological advancement in the world.

Web 1.0 was the first version of the internet in the 1990s. The web was a tool to ensure equal access to information. Then, starting in the mid-2000s, Web 2.0 became the next technological advancement. The likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter emerged. These platforms provide order to the internet. They made it simple to connect and transact online. However, some people claim that these corporations have accumulated too much influence over time. As a result, Web3 emerged as a way out.

What Is Web3?

Web3 is the internet of the future that aims to hand power back to regular users, eliminating the need for a middleman. Web3 is an edition of the internet in which new social media platforms, marketplaces, and search engines will emerge with no corporate bosses. Instead, they are decentralized and based on the blockchain, the same technology that underpins cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Web3 users would exercise full control over their data. Unlike in Web2, where users need various accounts, in Web3, users need a single customized account. Users can use this account for all digital activities. The blockchain records all their public activities.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, such as NFTs and the metaverse, has generated a new push for Web3. As a result, more people are aware of the digital revolution. Furthermore, some are already earning from the blockchain industry, leveraging games, NFTs, and others.

However, for others, the concept of Web3 seems somewhat complex and difficult to comprehend. This is usually the case with every new frontier of technology. There are often those who might be skeptical about the industry due to concerns about its legitimacy. The blockchain space is relatively young and has seen some bad times, but the world has already recognized its legitimacy. Countries have warmed up to it.

Who Can We Learn About Web3?

Usually, digital trends often sideline people outside of the tech or finance space. As a result, the average person feels concepts like Web3 are not for them. Such notions are not true. Anyone can learn about Web3. Although it sounds complex, some platforms have simplified the learning process. These platforms provide materials that will take you through each learning step. Here are some platforms that provide resources to learn about Web3.

Web3 University

Web3 University is a good destination to learn about blockchain and Web3. The platform is a blockchain education portal that connects students to the greatest Web3 resources and courses. It’s billed as the best option for developers who want to learn how to design smart contracts, mint NFTs, and build fully functional end-to-end decentralized applications.

Web3 University struck partnerships with leading crypto and blockchain platforms to ensure credibility. The learning site covers various topics, including Blockchain, NFT, Alchemy, dApps, Flow, Solidity, etc. Web3 University also teaches students the economic and regulatory ramifications of blockchain.


Buildspace has some excellent videos for learning about Web3. For those interested in Web3 but don’t know where to begin, Buildspace is a good place to start. In addition, you don’t only get to learn about Web3; you also get to practice what you’ve learned. Some of the perks on the platform include earning NFTs and accessing work opportunities in the crypto space. Furthermore, Buildspace designed its curriculum to offer more technical support than theoretical.

In addition, Buildspace’s Discord server is quite useful for those learning Web3. The platform rewards learning and makes it fun. Buildspace will offer you an NFT after you complete a tutorial, which is fantastic. Additionally, several top platforms and investors offer support for the learning platform. So you can be sure that they know their craft.


Odyssey is a fantastic resource for learning about Web3 concepts and other web-related topics. The platform offers a deep dive into concepts such as Blockchain, NFTs, Web3, DeFi, and DAO. If you are particularly interested in NFTs, Odyssey teaches you how to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. You don’t need background knowledge. The platform will teach you everything from the basics until you get a good grip.

Odyssey also onboards newbies into the DeFi sector. It shows you how to invest, save, and grow your crypto assets. One of the courses on the platform is titled “Breaking into Web3.” This course offers a practical step-by-step guide for transitioning from a novice to building your first Web3 project.

On its website, Odyssey said it operates an “explain like I’m five” learning system. This means it explains each concept in the most basic manner, ensuring learners comprehend it adequately.


Moralis offers learners the ideal environment to learn about Web3. In addition, it provides resources that enable you to go from basic to more enhanced performance. Learners can construct using just one line of code leveraging Moralis’ infrastructure. On its website, Moralis describes itself as “the fastest path from idea to mass-scale dApp.” It claims to let learners focus on “great experiences rather than heavy lifting.”

Moralis offers several learning packages. The earning platform offers its “Starter” course for individuals who are new to the blockchain industry at no cost. Furthermore, its “Pro” packages go for $49. Learners would learn how to build a wide range of DeFi products and navigate the NFT space.


LearnWeb3.io is another great destination for demystifying Web3. The platform has some excellent tutorials that improve a learner’s understanding of the blockchain. Furthermore, it offers four categories of tutorials. They include:

  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior

The learning hub also provides examinations to assess a learner’s comprehension. LearnWeb3.io simplifies blockchain concepts like NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and Smart Contracts. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes learning by practice. This means that each learner gets to build things from their tutorials. LearnWeb3.io also links learners together by providing a platform for mutual growth and teamwork. In terms of cost, LearnWeb3.io offers free education to people interested in Web3.


useWeb3 is a great educational site that gives you access to many materials for understanding Web3 and Blockchain. You can find a variety of content here, such as books, lessons, and code challenges. One of the key resources offered to learners provides exposure to the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, useWeb3 explains the role of Web3 in the revolution of the internet. Also, its starter kit teaches how to create Ethereum-powered apps with a single command. For anyone interested in gaining technical Web3 skills, this platform is worth a glance.

The platform is suited for newbies seeking to learn how to develop. In addition to providing learning materials, useWeb3 also exposes learners to a wide range of job opportunities within the blockchain space.


This platform offers exposure to the growing marketplace in the blockchain world. Furthermore, it gives learners an insight into the basic understanding of Web3 concepts. Afterward, it prepares learners to participate in an active market.

The platform also features books, podcasts, courses, videos, and tutorials. For example, one of the courses gives learners a full dive into understanding Ethereum. Another beginner’s course on LearnWeb3.info is a guide to the DeFi space. Finally, learners would get a full introduction to the developing world of decentralized finance.

If you’d like to build your blockchain development skills, this platform offers a good guide. The best part about LearnWeb3.info is the exposure to platforms to utilize your knowledge.

Developer DAO

Developer DAO is another perfect spot to learn about Web3. The platform aims to empower and educate the next wave of Web3 builders. On its website, Developer DAO said its goals are to:

  • Onboard, educate, and support Web3 Developers
  • Foster and build Web3 tools & public goods

Developer DAO is a community-driven learning center. It helps its members get familiar with Web3 and build their first dApp. The platform features materials such as ebooks and tutorials. It offers education into blockchain concepts such as NFTs, games, and DeFi. Apart from the free resources, there are also paid courses to explore. Being a DAO, users are largely responsible for their pace. Membership for this platform is currently closed, according to its website.

These platforms are good spots to learn about Web3. You can also carry out a search on other sites that offer good exposure to Web3. By taking the time to study some courses, you’ll realize that Web3 is a lot easier to grasp than you first thought.

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