Imagine a world totally in ruins. Nature could no longer cope and the flora and fauna died. Civilization collapsed due to the high pollution. This is causing the rest of society to take refuge in uninhabitable places.

In these conditions, cops are the only ones who still maintain authority over civilization, being able to distribute resources, technology, and digital money. And yes, Decimated lets you be a cyborg cop. Now, you will decide how the civilization will survive in this chaotic world. In this article, we will give you a guide on Decimated.

What is Decimated?

Decimated is a multiplayer RPG game where one of the most prestigious game engines is behind it. Unreal Engine 5. This P2E game, built on Solana’s blockchain, took 4 years to develop by a team with more than 14 years of experience. Also, the game counts leading crypto investors like Polygon and Houbi Ventures as investors.

The game is not live yet. However, you can subscribe to the Steam wishlist and have exclusive access to the beta version. Also, you’ll know more information about the launch date. Nowadays, there are more than 135,000 subscribers and more than 20,600 in their discord community.

Moreover, Decimated will have a PvP & PvE gameplay. It will have a wide variety of classes like combat and salvage missions. There will be 4 kinds of roles:

  • Hacker: This character can have access to security systems even with encrypted data.
  • Medic: Cyborg Doctors can execute very complicated surgeries on the battlefield.
  • Mercenary: This character has a 25x zoom helmet that has an AI assistant. Mercenaries manage all kinds of weapons
  • Marauder: Marauders can get into any combat battlefield and get anything out of it securely like a ghost.
Tokenomics & Milestones

This P2E game will have medic ambulances and city apartments too. In them, users can park their cars and store their items. In other words, a virtual property inside Decimated.

Decimated has a native SPL token (Solana-based) named $DIO. You can buy DIO on, Huobi Global, Jupiter, Raydium, and Serum DEX. Currently, DIO has a 24-hour trading volume of $316,657 with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Also, you can participate in an airdrop contest by entering their discord or in the following exchanges:

Decimated is obtaining important collaborations to continue its development:

  • Fracture Labs Raised $4.5 million: This startup behind Decimated raised these funds in its latest funding round. In this crypto raise fund, important investment groups participated: Alameda Research, Cryptology AG, and Huobi Ventures are some of them. More info here.
  • Unreal Engine assigned an Epic Megagrant: This will empower the development of Decimated, which is expected to launch in 2022.
More About Decimated 

The team behind Decimated is Fracture Labs. This independent studio has a robust group of more than 36 experienced developers. They developed games in AAA games for PC, console, and mobile. Moreover, Fracture Labs works with leading production firms of art, animation, and co-development. Learn more about them here.

As you can see, Decimated is still under development. However, you follow their Twitter handle to see its latest developments. Here is an example:


Decimated will be a P2E game that will place us in a survival situation. We will have to do our best not to die trying. Also, the gameplay that Decimated will have has huge potential. As a result, many who don’t even care about crypto could end up adopting and playing this game.

So if you want to jump in early, you can:

  • Buy DIO in very popular exchanges.
  • Start getting familiarized with the content on their social media.
  • Wait for their launch.

100% guaranteed fun!

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