Bringing you a round-up of most important and relevant news and updates from the blockchain gaming space for the past week. This week features many exciting game updates and new games emerging!

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Let’s begin the news summary in alphabetical order:

Axie Infinity

Axie has partnered with Klaytn which is Kakao’s public blockchain project. Kakao is Korea’s most popular messaging app and will be integrating Klaytn wallet into their app as well. Axie will be integrating Klay into their ecosystem which is Klaytn’s native token. This will be a great opportunity for Kakao users to learn more about Axie Infinity. Axie has also released their seventh issue of The Lucacian with some interesting development updates and interview.

Blockade Games

Neon District ended their first founder’s program for Season Zero. Keyholders got their hands on a private Alpha and helped to prepare the game for Season One.


Chainbreakers is giving an additional 199 players access to their closed beta.

Chain Clash

Private beta testers have been testing the game for two weeks and here is a small update. There have been more than 1000 clashes, over 170 different avatars with Bitcoin avatars being the most popular. There is also a new feature spotlight talking about the most important aspect in Chain Clash, clashing.


Cocos-BCX announced a partnership with Infinito and aims to improve blockchain experience for their users. Both parties will be working closely on the Infinito wallet integration as well as DApps on Cocos-BCX to be integrated with Infinito App Square.

Cocos-BCX has also become the first to be supported by a cloud-based integrated development environment. ChainIDE, made by White Matrix Inc, is the first to access Cocos-BCX test network. Cocos-BCX July report is also out.

Crypto Idle Miner

Hora is tradeable on TRXMarket with a HORA/TRX pair. The pair was listed on August 13, 2019.

Crypto Space Commander

A 5 week Star Trek event that starts on August 29th has been announced. Ship details, supply crates and many exciting details can be found here.

Cryptant Crab

Crab Tokens are used for participating in each battle within the tournament and is worth 0.05eth. VIP pass will be on a 25% discount at a rate of 0.1499 ETH. Offer will last 25 days from 15/8/2019.


11.16 million of SOUL was burnt during soul burn #10


Egretia announced partnership with Hydax. Both parties will focus mainly on a gaming incubation, gaming engine and a platform for IGOs.
Football King presale has officially started on August 12.

Enjin Platform/Games
  • Testimonials have been added to the main page of the Alterverse website.
  • Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of Beyond Horizon, has released a new blog post talking about how having an effective loyalty program will have business save cost in marketing.
  • Lucky Bluff is a new poker site powered by Enjin and is now live.
  • Kriptomat dragons are now usable in Forgotten Artifacts as a pet dragon companion in dungeons.
  • Kriptomat’s gamified blockchain rewards program is now up and running.
  • Over 50% has been met in Nestable’s fundraising goal and they are now accepting ENJ as a payment option on their site. A new video on skins and equipables has been released too.
  • Early access for The Six Dragons will be released in 5 waves. Check on their post for more information on how you can be part of the Alpha.
  • Enjin Skill perk item sale for Arena Match ends on 20th August. Beta V4 featuring Skill Perks is scheduled to roll out later this month.
  • Arena Match has also successfully raised $100,000 from a fund led by Intel and Overwolf. This money will be used to further development of their eSports betting app which is already up and running with PUBG challenges available for completion.
  • Houston Song, CEO of Garage Studios, shared some details about Dissolution founder’s token and how much early adopters can get rewarded.

Super Hero beta testing is now open and FastEco is hiring programmers as well.


Players will be able to win a mythic card from the Genesis Raffle happening on October 24th. From now until October 17th, players will acquire one Genesis Raffle Token by winning a multiplayer game in Gods Unchained which will automatically be entered into the raffle on October 24th.
The Gods Unchained blog also released a new post talking all about the benefits of digital card games.
God Unchained balance update 13/8/2019 on discord.

ITAM Games

Community manager of ITAM Games has released a medium post for all the bugs resolved in Dark Town.


Some gameplay preview of Deep Sea Bombers has been released and players can be sure to try out their game soon.


Knightlands is a new crypto RPG with profit-sharing function being launched on Tron blockchain. 55% of game profits will be shared among DKT stakeholders. There are many opportunities and ways to acquire DKT and it will be listed on trading markets in the future.

Lucid Sight

MLBC app is now available on both Android and IOS

Mega Crypto Polis

There have been revised pricing on microeconomy packs. Local packs are all sold out and remaining packs will have their initial price increased.


NFTs for NyanCat is now available for trading on the Waves item market.
A free race tournament with Waves up for grabs is now on and will end on August 23rd.


Prospectors has launched a video challenge with 5000 PGL for the first place. The 2nd and 3rd will get 1000 PGL each and this challenge will end on September 10th.


Players are now able to play using their own collected cards.

Soccer Manager Elite

They have begun selecting players for Alpha which starts on August 26th.


Sorare player packs are available for purchase now.

Waves Platform

Waves item market is now live are you can now trade NFTs from two of the games that are on board. 


A video of Xaya Ships demo has been released.
Taurion new trailer is out as well and they have a Taurion treasure hunt with $6400 up for grabs. Entry is free and the competition will begin on 6 September and end on 15 October.

That’s all we have for this week!
If you want a blockchain gaming platform to be on our radar kindly email us at [email protected] with the relevant information and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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