Electronic Arts, the 2nd largest gaming company in America and Europe, is causing a stir in the crypto world with their recent tweet.

And here are the exact words of Electronic Arts: Invest in Crypto. However, later on, the company commented and attached Apex Legends’ tweet on Season 3. For the uninitiated, season 3 features an all-new battle pass, a new weapon but more importantly a new legend that justifies the reason for the tweet in the first place.

Crypto is indeed the name of the new legend in Apex Legends that is arriving on October 1st. He (Crypto) portrays the role of a cool and calm hacker and uses specialized drones for battle.

Whether the tweet could be a hint or a witty joke, the one behind it shows no signs of covering it up either.

Some speculate that the developers of Season 3 will drop assets. Alternatively, they will possibly loot boxes that require crypto in order for them to be unlocked.

Regardless, this move has caught huge attention and big names like Binance and Huobi have already responded to EA’s tweet. Many eyes are watching and lots of anticipation is being built up. We’ll all look forward to the start of October. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Apex Legends will indeed have elements of blockchain to it.

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