how to play axie infinity

Axie Infinity has taken the crypto world by storm. It has become one of the most popular games of its genre in such a short space of time. Its success has been so great that its native token, AXS, has grown 49x in the last 12 months. 

However, this NFT game is not so simple to start playing for a person that hasn’t interacted with cryptos before. Therefore, In this brief guide, we’ll explain how you can start playing Axie Infinity.

How to Start playing Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is set in a digital pet universe where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy creatures called Axies.

To earn and trade in-game assets, you need to:

  1. Install a crypto wallet called Ronin. Just like MetaMask, it needs a seed phrase so keep this safe! Clicking “Attach Ronin to Account” will bind the wallet with your Axie Infinity account.
  2. Go to the Axie Marketplace and set up an account with Ronin Wallet. This is done by connecting it at the prompt and assigning a username. Furthermore, an email verification will be sent to activate Ronin Wallet.
  3. Get Some Axies: To do this, you need to go back to the Marketplace and pick some up. You will need at least 3 of them to play the game and they cost at least $30 and can be bought with ETH. Additionally, there were 623,168 Axies available at the time of writing this article.
Axie Infinity
Source: Axie Infinity Marketplace

4. Download app: Once you have your three Axies you can go ahead and download the application which is available for Windows, Android, and macOS.

5. Login: Once the application has been installed you will be prompted to log in with the details of the Axie account you set up earlier. You are now at the portal to begin your journey into the realm of Axie Infinity.

Nowadays, the game has 20 seasons.

6. Go to Battle: Each Axie has 4 stats, Health, Morale, Skill, and Speed which determine their role in battle. Furthermore, there are different classes of Axie which have strengths and weaknesses against other Axies.

The Axie battle system is a turn-based card game where the goal is to eliminate all enemies your team of 3 Axies is facing. Players must strategically play cards that maximize their chance of victory at each turn.

This guide offers some hints and tips for beginners so grab your Axies and go to battle!

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