Gala Games Ecosystem

Blockchain gaming is one of the fastest-growing spheres in the entire blockchain and crypto space.

One major player in the blockchain gaming ecosystem is Gala games. Gala games is known for empowering decentralized gamers all over the globe. The gaming ecosystem is also known for creating games that people are actually interested in playing. As part of its expansion strategy, Gala games recently completes a 3-day event dubbed “Into The Galaverse”. The event is the second-ever Galaverse event by Gala games, with the event taking place from June 6 – 8, 2022.

This article is a general overview of what took place during the Galaverse event, what the future holds for Gala games, and a brief overview of the Gala games ecosystem.

Overview of Galaverse Day 1 Activities

The event started on a high note on June 6, 2022, on the crypto-friendly island Malta. Seeing as Gala games is basically a remote company, the Galaverse event is an opportunity for colleagues and community members to physically interact. Some of the top happenings on the first day of the Galaverse event include;

1. GRIT Launch – The first announcement of the day was the launch of GRIT. GRIT is one of the first-ever Web 3.0 games on the Epic games store. Notably, its first sale is also currently ongoing.

2. Universal Games and Digital Platforms Partnership – Gala games also reveals details of its partnership with both Universal Games and Digital Platforms. Together, the three platforms is set to create a Battlestar Galactica Web 3 game.

Battlestar and Gala Games

3. BAD MFs Launch on Gala Music Store – Mount Westmore with top artists like Snoop, Ice Cube, E40, and Too $hort launches their debut album on Gala Music. The debut album, BAD MFs went live on the Music store on June 7 at 8 am PT.

Westmore Music and Gala games music store

Other important updates include the Gala Web3 Entertainment brand launch, Eternal Paradox land sale, etc.

There is also a total of 14 games currently on the Gala games platform.

DAY 2 Galaverse Activity Recap

Several announcements also took place on Day 2 of the Galaverse event. Some of these announcements include:

1. VOX SOULS Upcoming Launch – VOX SOULS launch is around the corner. According to the announcement, more details of the upcoming launch will be available in a few weeks’ time.

2. Champions Arena Launch – CHAMPIONS ARENA is a turn-based, role-playing game (RPG). The game is also currently the next candidate to be accepted into the Gala games sphere. However, the acceptance is based on a Node consensus vote.

3. FreeStyle Football 2 Coming to Gala Games – World-renowned sports game franchise Freestyle will launch its Freestyle Football 2 game on the Gala games ecosystem. The game will be the world’s first-ever AAA Web 3.0 sports game developed by JoyCity.

Freestyle football 2

Other important announcements include the Forever Winter launch developed by Fun Dog Studios.

Finally, the Galaverse Day 3 event commenced by 9 am (PT) and included several guests, insights, offers, etc. Important discussions like the role of women in blockchain gaming adoption also took place.

What You Should Know About Gala Games

Gala games is a community-governed blockchain gaming ecosystem. It is also known for creating blockchain games that players will love to play and invest in. According to the official website, Gala’s major interest is ensuring everyone has fun on its platform. To achieve this, it employs simple gaming mechanisms that can be operated by anyone irrespective of their blockchain knowledge.

Players and community members are also actively in charge of the gaming ecosystem. Items won while playing automatically becomes the property of the player. These items can furthermore be traded or used while playing the game. Gala also has a very active Discord channel where it encourages community members to test and also try out its ideas.

The gaming ecosystem is also powered by the people who function as node operators. At the time of writing, the gaming ecosystem boasts of an estimated 16,000 node operators.

In conclusion, one of Gala’s main focus is on providing blockchain gamers with sole control over their gaming experience. Gamers will also enjoy top-notch decentralization. They will also play a huge role in the future path of the Gala games ecosystem.

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