Microsoft Makes Historic Soil Carbon Credit Purchase From Regen Network

World-renowned tech giant Microsoft has shown in recent times notable interest in natural ecosystem health as well as other aspects of environmental sustainability.

With this in mind, Microsoft has purchased a significant amount of soil carbon credits from startup firm Regen Network. This sale stands as one of the biggest carbon credit sales in Australia. The carbon credit, according to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, is also known as CarbonPlus Grassland credits.

Microsoft and Environmental Sustainability

About a year ago, Microsoft became very intent about environmental sustainability. Subsequently, it published a commitment goal, stating that it was working to be carbon negative by 2030. In addition to this, it also disclosed that it was looking to completely eliminate all forms of carbon emission caused by its actions (directly or indirectly) since the company was founded in 1975 by the year 2050. Lofty goals, right? Yet Regen Network seems to be suitably placed to help achieve these goals.

About Regen Network

Regen has been hard at work at propounding solutions for climate-related issues. Its CarbonPlus credits measure carbon sequestration and a host of other criteria like animal welfare, soil health, ecosystem health, etc. To facilitate the smooth running of its carbon credit feature, Regen Network designed a mechanism to remotely monitor and measure organic carbon in the soil. Despite being remotely carried out, the results are usually accurate, and there’s also the added benefit of reduced costs.

Regen Network’s CarbonPlus credits was first issued to Australia-based business Wilmot Cattle Company (WCC). The firm currently manages two cattle ranches in Australia with support from Impact Ag. The carbon credits illustrate the significance of managed grazing to large-scale ecological regeneration. Managed grazing is the best form of cattle production with respect to facilitating environmental sustainability. It could help drive carbon sequestration, boost soil and vegetation quality, and lastly, deal with land degradation issues.

Agriculture – The Solution To Climate Change Issues

Speaking on the announcement, Regen Network CEO Christian Shearer pointed out that working with both Impact Ag and Wilmot Cattle Company further cements the firm’s belief in agriculture as a major solution to climate issues. Microsoft’s recent purchase of Regen carbon credits is also proof that the PoS platform is on the right track.

Impact Ag Natural Capital Manager Toby Grogan also shares the same belief as Regen Network. According to Grogan, agriculture can help fix some of the world’s current climate issues.

Microsoft carbon program manager, Elizabeth Willmott, also spoke about the firm’s recent purchase. She added that “Regen Network’s carbon credit is rooted in soil organic carbon sequestration and backed by technologically-enabled measurement.”

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