What Is a Metaverse - Part II

What Is a Metaverse – Part II

In the previous part of this series, we discussed a few opportunities in the metaverse. In this part, we will continue with the remaining...

Discover Sidus NFT Heroes: The Upcoming Metaverse GEM

According to coingecko, the marketcap of the gaming sector has increased 10.5% in the last 24 hours, with USD 40 billion as marketcap. As...
NFT Collateral loan

Use Your NFTs As Collateral On Loans!

NFT use cases go so far beyond expensive and unique profile pictures. Large lending institutions are beginning to recognize this as well. NFTs have sort...
OpenSea hack NFTs

OpenSea: An NFT Hacks Timeline

OpenSea has the biggest market share of all NFT marketplaces with a 60% market share. However, recently, OpenSea has experienced various issues. Users lost...

Forkast Report: Asia Is Leading the Growth in NFTs

A common tendency in the NFT world is to see the behavior of the Asian market. All over the region, we see high adoption...
NFT Collections

Challenges Faced By NFT Collections

NFTs are reaching mainstream consciousnesses with the NFT market swelling to $41B in 2021. While we have heard many stories of how people profited...
NFT news august week 4

NFT News | NFTs Remain Flat | August Week 4

NFTs remain flat due to macro and market sentiment. When compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum came down harder over the weekend. However, Ethereum managed to hold...

The NAYOM1 Project Is About to Launch

The AN1 (Another1) team is launching Project NAYOM1. This celebrates the 10-year anniversary of ‘The Blade’ Silhouette. Now they are available as an exclusive...
Top NFT picks for 2023 review

TOP 5 NFT Picks with Potential For The 2023 Bullrun

Let me tell you, grinding my way through the NFT market, experiment, getting burnt, and doing it all over again? It's rather tiresome. That's why...
NFT news march week 3

NFT News | Liquidity Leaving NFT Marketplaces | March Week 3

After a brief price drop, the cryptocurrency market experienced another bullish surge. No exception was made when it came to Ethereum, whose price soared. The...